Queen of Clean toilet brush

bookertSeptember 11, 2008

I used to watch her on the DIY channel. She used to use a toilet brush that had soft looking bristles. Anybody know where to find one?

What is your favorite toilet brush?


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My fav toilet brush is one of those nylon mesh, puffs on a stick that they sell in the cosmetics department. Its found with the other spa items and you can even get them at the dollar stores cheap.

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I worked housekeeping in our hospital for a couple years. The Johnny Mop was excellent. We had one for sinks, one for toilets. They are like a big fluffy ball of polyester stuff on a handle.(Reminds me of the big drumsticks in the marching bands!) These clean exceptionally well, rinse clean and never rust or fall apart. I have used the 3 I have for nearly 15 years. I have also found that the one used for sink works for cleaning coffee carafe. A small squirt of liquid dishwasher gel and a wet J-mop cleans the inside and outside in a jiffy. Sparkling clean with no spots or residue build up! Couldn't live with out my
J-mops. Thinking I must get a couple for the future, before they change equipment. I think I paid $1 from the Materials Management dept.

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Linda Cobb, the queen of clean, called it the "palace potty pouf." You can get it at her website. I bought mine from a mail order catalog, but I can't remember which one. I really like them.

Here is a link that might be useful: potty pouf from the queen of clean

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dilly dally,
Never thought about using one, but they do have nice long handles on some! Thanks.

I couldn't find the sink type online anywhere, just the toilet Johnny's.

Thanks for the link, when I went to the old DIY site, these weren't listed!

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