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michael_hinesApril 11, 2013

Has anyone else have their very expensive Electrolux Wall Oven glass break on its own? I just looked into the oven as we were cooking some fish and saw that the inside piece of glass has a huge creak going around the whole piece of glass. I just checked and we bought this thing less than three years ago. Anyone else have this, is their any recourse?

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I've never seen any posts, at least in Garden Web, about broken glass in an Elux oven. (You could try googling Electrolux oven broken glass) to see if this problem has cropped up anywhere else.

3 years, one suspects your recourse will be to "Check the contents of your wallet,
(the green stuff).

In the Elux Operator's manual, it does show how to remove the glass for cleaning, (Or at least it does in my Elux Icon Oven Manual). (Some ovens required a service call to clean the inside of that glass,)

You will have to call Electrolux and order the glass.
If you decide to DIY, be very careful with the cracked/broken glass!

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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I have seen posts on Elux, Wolf and others - spontaneous breaking of the oven glass. It is rare but does happen. The others were "blow out" meaning the glass broke into zillions of pieces (not jagged as it is safety/tempered)
I would not use it with the crack.
The Elux rep monitors this site - I think the name is Chris Polk - not sure if male or female.
Try searching for the name and you might get contact information.
Good luck

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Thanks for the information. My manual does not show how to remove the glass but there are some YouTube videos showing how to do it on Frigidare ovens which seem to be similar. I ordered the glass from Electrolux and was informed that there would be a $100 "diagnostic charge" for the repair person if they came out to see the problem. I have diagnosed the problem and I'm pretty sure the glass has a huge crack in it. Hopefully I will be able to replace it myself over the protests of the Electrolux guy on the phone. He talked about proprietary tools I would need to get at the glass. He hinted at a $300 plus charge to replace a piece of glass on the inner panel of the oven.

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Here is a link to a blog on how to remove the glass.
I could post the instructions from my manual, but since my oven is
circa de 2006, This blog may be more current.

Click the helpful link below to see the blog

Note the lack of "Proprietary Tools" in the blog!


Here is a link that might be useful: removing Elux Oven glass

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Electrolux/Frigidaire has a rep for being very tight when it comes to their spare parts.
Presuming your order does show up eventually, be aware that some of their lightweight more modern door designs require extra care.
Some can be identified by a machine screw and special spacer that hold the door handle, outside skin, and inside skin under compression along the top of the door. If they all start to separate as you loosen the two handle screws, stop. You will need a suitable work area where you can use something like a number of adjustable plastic woodworking clamps with cushioned jaws to hold everything under compression around the door while you remove the handle screws and smaller screws along the bottom of the door. Then evenly loosen all the clamps in several stages.

This is trying to prevent the worst case scenario.
Getting the glass changed then finding the door skin is bent out of shape and looks awful sort of ruins your day.

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