Brass Cleaning Discovery!

skye_September 10, 2011

Hi all!

Just discovered that using Cerama Bryte (the stuff used for cleaning glasstop stoves) for cleaning brass is awesome -- better than Brasso! Just put a little on and spread it around with your finger; give it about 30 seconds, rub in circular motion with a soft cloth, then rinse, dry and prepare to be amazed!

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I've heard peanut butter is good on brass, but never tried it!

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I 'm so going to try that out on this brass "thing" (not sure what it's called)thats above my fire place. It's been so ugly for so long i hope it works!
I'm fresh out of peanut butter though.

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Wow! Your right. I didnt have "cerama bright" but I tried "Weiman" cook top cleaner and "The Range Top Cleaner" that picked up at sears. The Weiman's was disapointing but Range Top worked great. Thanks for posting your discovery.

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