Warning in choosing a Dyson

Irma_StPeteSeptember 14, 2013

I've been using a new DC41 with pet hair tool for a month. Just want to put in these warnings that I have not found in internet searching.

1) It is not for the faint of heart.

a) The sound when wand is used comes out of the top, chest high. Horrendous sound (it is a powerful motor).

b) It can rather easily fall over.

2) It is not for the faint of body.

a) It requires a lot of arm action. It does not forward propel. It does not roll on any kind of ball - everything touching the ground (4 wheels) is a cylinder rather than a sphere. How do you turn it? Body english. Actually forcing it sideways. From the tv ads, I had the idea that it was easy to maneuver. Far, far, from it. The cylinder does rest on 2 rollers, but lifting it more than 3/4 inch from the ground (i.e., tilting it back) collapses it back to the ground - so those rollers are almost useless.

c) It requires a lot of wrist action. Again, difficult to maneuver. My hands, arms, and wrists are fine (while "old"!). Luckily, I have no arthritis there.

d) Using the pet tool is awkward because the excellent pet hair attachment must go on a rigid yard-long arm. I must stand at a distance from the area to be cleaned to operate this. This would be ok if the sofa, chair, bed were flat surfaces on the floor. Instead, it is just plain unwieldy. The opposite of a "dust buster" type hand held vacuum for furniture, or furniture brush on a flexible tube.

Well, those are my first month gripes.

It does clean well.

But vacuuming is not the pleasure it was with the upright bagless vacuums I had used for years. It's much more of an effort.

If I am wrong on any of the above, please tell me. Maybe I'm missing something about this style machine, or perhaps something is not functioning right.

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Correction to "2, d": The yard-long rod is removable (yea!) but the flexible tube that I affix the pet hair tool to requires, again, "body english": the tube is so tightly coiled it needs 2 hands to stretch out far enough, and then wants to recoil immediately. I have to hold the flexible tube stretched out with one hand while I use the pet tool.

A huge improvement that Dyson should make, in my opinion, is to add a lesser suction setting - especially for using with the pet hair removing tool. The suction is far more than needed to pick up the hair; the noise is really annoying as it is at arm's length from my ears. Maybe Dyson has yet to figure out how to have the pet tool suck the hair off of the pet tool brushes at a lower (quieter) rate of suction.

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I have the Dyson Animal and I hate how heavy it is ! I don't find the arm attachments easy to use and mine wants to occassionaly fall over too.
It does do a great job on pet hair - but can be a bit powerful when I'm just trying to sweep my polar tech barn coats - it sucks up the material but can leave the hair sticking in the fabic.
As the OP stated a suction adjustment (like my Miele) would be very helpful. It's the reason I love my Miele canister vac - I can use it on my drapes and not worry about a string being pulled and damaging my fabic! I don't use the adjustment everytime I sweep - but, it is a great feature. I would never attempt to run my Dyson over my drapes.
Since I got my Miele and my little heavy shedding dog has passed away - my Dyson is used very, very little.
I use my old hoover in my garage and use it to sweep my saddle pads - it works great and is less heavy than the Dyson, yes, it wants to topple over now and then too.

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I love my Dyson, but I wish there were a way to reduce the suction when using it on certain area rugs.

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I don't like mine at all,wont use it, I love my central vac
My daughter calls mine mike dyson

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