organic_bassetlvrJune 19, 2013

Since I replied to a couple of posts I decided to introduce myself. I'm Susan, owned by 2 cats & 1 mixed breed dog. I live in East Tennessee. I'm an avid birder (birdwatcher) half-hazard gardener & terrible housekeeper. But I do like to decorate, especially for Christmas. I figure by using the window candles-the orange/yellow kind-no one sees the dust. They work for Halloween too! Another holiday where my housekeeping isn't important. I have lurked from work for several years but was afraid to post for fear of my boss. Now I finally have computer at home so here I am. I love all the support ya'll give each other & no sniping like some forums. I seldom set tables like many of you as I live alone but once in awhile I'll put out my Fiestaware or Great Grandmother's china just to look at it-until the cats bother it & back it goes. Probably way too much info.

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Welcome Susan. I am actually more of a lurker than a poster because I really don't have much creativeness in my blood so I love to see what others do. And my dining room table is the hub for family activities so there are more items like laptops, coloring books, toys, etc. on it than dishes! We normally eat on one side and the rest are permanent fixtures on the other side! Except for special holidays when I go all out with setting a nice table for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter when I am normally hosting those dinners.


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Welcome, Susan! We're slow on here right now ...I hope it will pick back up soon ...of course, Christmas is always a good time here! So hope you'll post or comment with us all here! Jeanne S.

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Welcome Susan. Glad you joined us. I read this post after I commented on your comment in another one...guess you don't have Bassets afterall. LOL, but must be a story there in your name.

Glad you introduced yourself. Its always great to get to know our gang aside from our common love of holiday decorating.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks for the welcome everyone. Gail, that's nice to go all out-even if not all the time. Thanks, Jeanne we will have to talk birds-I have enjoyed your pics. And Karen, indeed I had a basset, Mr. Peabody until August 11th of last year-& my bro & sil have 2 bassets. Our 2 favorite breeds may not look alike but they bring the same joy.
Back to Holidays-maybe I can do Fourth setting with my Fiestaware. hmm.

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Welcome Susan! It is slow here right now but things will be picking up soon. I'm looking forward to seeing your 4th of July table. I love Fiesta ware.

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Susan, welcome!!! Never too much info on this forum. Thanks for sharing.


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