countertop overhang

ctkathyMay 4, 2013

What is the normal range of overhang for a countertop on a custom vanity?

My contractor has to correct something and he is telling me it is 1/2 inch and that doesn't sound right. Seems like water will drip and be a problem with the cabinets.

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Mine is appox 1/2in

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The fabricator that I will be using said 1-1/2". That seems like too much for the modern look I am going for. At the cabinet shop where I am getting my cabinets their counter on display is 1 inch. I did 1-1/2 on my kitchen counters. In my bathroom, where I just completed my counters, I put 1" in the front and 1/2" on the side (about) - I have several planes converging, so that is why the variety in the bathroom.

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1/2" will work, but I'm planning on 1" for mine, in front and on the sides. Keep in mind the longer the overhang the further away you are from the lip of the sink, which is more of an issue with tooth brushing, and spitting out, etc. than with a kitchen sink. Due to oversight, I barely have an overhang on my basement vanity which was custom made, and just yesterday noticed a chip in the paint on the top door edge under the sink (Our doors go right up to the counter, no false front.) I don't think that would have happened with an overhang.

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