removing PB blaster oil from iron

almondSeptember 4, 2010

I have an unusual situation, can't find any info on it as it has probably never happened!

I foolishly lent an iron pot to a neighbour to wire brush it as it was covered in rust. He discovered what he thought was a crease in the iron on the bottom but just in case it was a crack he sprayed PB blaster oil to see if it would come out the other side! Naturally it smells like a garage in the pot now and i would like to get it out in order to use the pot for something like food for which it was intended.

First he told me that he didn't think it was safe to cook in because of the fine crack, but if i wanted to try he could 'get rid of the oil' Then moments later when i went inside told my husband that it could never be removed! I'm clearly not going to take his advice either way.

I would assume that being as it is oil based it would dissipate into some other more food worthy oil and this might make it easier to clean off with soap and water. However iron is porous and it has no doubt seeped deep inside. This happened yesterday evening, so it's had all night to soak in.

I did rinse off the surface with soap because it smelled so horrible and i couldn't leave it outside in case a dog or other animal licked it.

Not sure if it will ever be food safe again but at least i will try, and maybe it can still be used for something else if i can get it to stop reeking.

My father is a metal worker but i am waiting for a reply from him, and it's always good to hear other opinions. I look forward to your ideas!

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I would wash and rinse it over and over again using dishwashing soap until the smell is gone.

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To tell the truth I'd pitch the pot unless you have another use for it besides food. I don't think I'd ever want to put anything I'd eat in it, you don't know what residue will remain

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graywings: do you really think that would get it out of the pores? It's highly water resistant.

My father told me to fill it with coals, which he did for a similar situation with WD-40. Will let you know how it works.

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Dishwashing soap removes oil of all kinds. Rescue groups use it to remove petroleum products from the feathers of birds and fur of other wildlife caught in oil spills. Whether you can get the oil out of all the pores of the pot - I don't know about that. But it wouldn't hurt to try this approach and see what happens. You have nothing to lose.

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A cast iron pot? I think I would mop it with lard and put it on a hot grill outside and attempt to cook away any undesirables. I might be wrong. I might ruin my pot. That is just the way I would approach my problem.

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