Half bath backsplash

dhustonMay 5, 2012

Does anyone have pics of a half bath with a tile backsplash? Our half bath has a 30 inch vanity in the corner and I am thinking about doing tile instead of granite backsplash. My main concern is what height to stop it at and how to deal with side splash. The countertop will be nordic black antique. The cabinet is stained an ebony color and the floor is a faux carrara marble tile. Was thinking about doing a marble brick or hex tile for the splash. Any pics or ideas are great!

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We used tile for backsplashes in all three of our bathrooms. In the guest bathroom, we used a 3-4" segment of the linear mosaic we had used as a border in the shower. We went up to the ceiling with the tile in the hall bath and MB. We didn't do side splashes in any of them.

Here are pics:

Guest Bathroom

Hall Bathroom


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I don't envy the painter on the round tile bathroom next time it needs freshening!!

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I painted it before it was tiled, but I think I'll be able to handle it down the road! LOL

Used BM Aura Bath and Spa paint, so we anticipate it holding up for a good long time. If/when the time comes, I'm pretty good with a tiny brush (painting in and around tight spots). If the eyes and the hands hold up well, I think I'll be able to deal with it. :-)

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what sink did you use in the MBa in the last photo? I'm thinking of that style as well, so the size would be helpful to know, too-- it's for a small room. And I can't figure out what I am looking at above the sink-- out a window? But what is the wood? Or is it a reflection?

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Sinks in all bathrooms are all the same style, from Sonia (MB and Hall Bathroom sinks are just about 24" wide, Guest Bathroom's is about 31.5", and all are 18" or 19" deep f to b).

The window on the opposite wall is reflected in the MB medicine cabinet mirror, as is the door to the bathroom (that's the wood you see :-) ).

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I might be stealing cat_mom's circle tiles for our next bath re-do! For our little 1/2 bath, we took subway tiles and a simple mosaic about 9 inches up the sides of the sink. And then up the wall behind the sink. We did it to account for splashing, but in reality, very little water gets splashed in the 1/2 bath.

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