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janet1_2007June 2, 2014

Hi to everybody--it's been such a long time since I"ve posted anything, that tonight I thought I would pop in and say "Hi". My life has been so crazy for the last year or so that I haven't had time or energy to do more than just the basics to keep thing half way running here. DH's Alzheimers/ Dementia is getting worse rapidly, although he still refuses to admit that anything is wrong. He had heart sugery about a year ago, had an aeortic valvue replaced, Then the week before Christmas, he burned his arm putting wood in the stove (WE THINK). He doesn't remember how it hapened, and the Drs and I am still not 100% sure.He woke up one morning and his fore arm was black,it looked like the spots elderly people get when they have to have IV injections and have bleeding under the skin. I ask him how he bruised his arm and he didn't know. Then the next morning it was blistered like a burn. I call our FP and had him see him, he gave him some ontiment and some antibotics, but the next morning his hand and arm was swelled. I call the dr back and he said take him to the ER;he might need intravenous antibotics. He was treated at our local hospital for a couple of days and then transfered to Charolotte so an infectious disease Dr could check it out. All we could ever figure out was he ahad burned it and it had gotten infected. Then while he was in the hospital I came down with a UTI and strep throat, and had to go to urgent care. After a couple of rounds of antibotics I still had the UTI. More antibotics and then I came down with broncitus; 2 more rounds of antibaotics and then I developed double pneumonia. I was in the hospital from Mon until Sat night and then had to stay with my son and DIL for a week before I was able to come home.. The Plumonary dr told me it would be 6 months before I really felt like my old self and I am beginning to believe him. I just stay so tired all the time. I have to make myself do everything by pure will power. I do look and read all the posts and enjoy what all of you are doing, and if I happen to go out and find something I still buy it in hopes that someday soon I will feel like decorating or tablescaping. Sat. I took DH for a ride and out to lunch; seems like that is the one thing that calms him when he is agitated (He lost his DL when he had to go through PT after his heart sugery because he could follow directions and was too impulsive). We stopped at a YS and just hit it at the right time. When I got out of the car the woman was getting tired and wanting to finish up, I think because she said you can have anything you want for 50 cents. I found a halloween witch like new in the box, (Porcelin and fabric--about2 ft tall) a easter wreath with white feathers, eggs, pink ribbons and spring flowers. still in the box, 2 boxes of lighted easter egg garland, a terriam dish, and I started looking through a green rubbermaid 18 gal. tub to see if there was anything I liked in it and she said if you want the whole tub, you can have tub and all for .50. I thought I couldn't buy the tub alone for that, so I grabbed it without looking anymore. It was filled with 2 long strands of the "new" cool lights. 3 strands of red tinsel garland, 4 snowflake placemats, 14 large glittered snowflakes, a "Jingle Bell" made of jingle bells(large), 13 large shatterprouf ornaments (aprox 8 Inches) and about 10 sets of the little sets of paper mache gift boxes tied together in sets of 2 or 3. Would you believe I spent a whole $3.oo. I was like a kid in a candy store going through that tub when I got home. That ought to do me for my YS fix for quite a while! We got a new GW in our town this past fall, and it is right next to Walmart where we have our perscriptions filled, so I do sneak in ther every chance I get and have found some neat things, just not had time or energy to post about them. I do so enjoy all the neat ideas you all come up with and don't ever think I have forgotten you all. Prayers for all the ones going through their own health struggles and losses. Hugs to ALL, Janet

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Janet, you had such a terrible year and so much to deal with. My heart and prayers stay with you.
I was glad to read in the last part that you had a little fun and got such a huge score at that yard sale! Wow.

Its good to see you post again. As you know I've been kind of 'off my game' here and not keeping up like I should. Hang in there, and we'll be here anytime for you.

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Oh Janet sorry that you have been through so much. Glad to hear you're still hanging in there and hope things only improve for you. Loved reading about your great finds at the yard sale hang in there and I agree with Karen. We will always be here for you. Punk

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Oh Janet,

My Heart goes out to you Dear Friend! What a year you have had!

I am so sorry you are dealing with Alzheimer's/Dementia. I had my Daddy after My Mama died and it was a Trip to say the least. Although, he really was not bad.

So Sorry you had so much trouble with your health as well. Those UTI's are the Pits just by themselves, not counting the pneumonia and Strep. Then The Antibiotics always send me for a loop, I am a IC Patient. Bless your Sweet Heart, You have been through the mill.

But, Praise the Lord, you still have the will to go to Yard Sales and GoodWill!! LOL

Girl you got a deal on your tote surprise!! I would have love to have been a fly on the wall watching you have so much fun, after so much sorrow! What a Blessing from God!

Love How you have the opportunity to sneak next door to the GW while getting prescriptions! LOL That's a Good One!! I'll have to use that On my hubby some times. "The Pharmacy was taking so long, I had too much time, so I just happened to walk next door! " No, Really, it is a Joy to hear you tell the good things that happened after all the bad. Do hope that you will regain your strength and will to be able to participate here on Holiday's! We miss you! There are so many that have health problems or are not able to be here for one reason or the other.

I am on Face Book now. Do you have an account? If so, send me a friend request. Aike McAlpin. I am on a Christmas Group there and several members here have come aboard. I am not trying to take anyone away from here. I still come here every morning b/f I go to FB to see if any one has posted. I know it is a slow time of the year, and everyone is finally able to get outside and enjoy the weather from the bad winter we had. But, would love to have you join in if you feel up to it, if nothing else, you would enjoy looking at all the pictures that are posted.

It is so good to hear from you! I know myself, i was not able to get on here for two years. We got a new computer, and here I am. I love this Group! And miss all the ones who were always so faithful.

I pray you have continued good health and that your Hubby can be as well as he can!

Love To You Dear Friend and Big ((((HUGS))))))


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Marlene Kindred


So good to hear from you, though I am so very sorry for all of the things you've had to endure this past year. I know how hard the problems with your DH have been and do continue to think of you and will continue to say a prayer for strength in the coming days. So glad you are beginning to feel a bit better as well. Sounds like you had a grand time at the Yardsale and like you found a lot of treasures too!

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Janet, so glad to hear from you, but sorry you have had such a horrid year!

Glad you found some treasures, and such great buys to boot!!!
I wish you renewed strength and energy to cope with your DH and your own health.
Take care of yourself,


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Janet ... it is very good to see you here, girl!
I appreciate all your comments & good thoughts & prayers this past year ... & I am now returning them to you. Such a horrid disease, Alzheimers/Dementia ... you have a full load to bear.

Here's to a better summer/fall/winter ahead, Janet. You are healing yet (me, too) but the strength will come back slowly & surely. ~~hugs, Jeanne S.

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Janet, I'm glad you found the time to say hello and update us.
You really have a difficult road to travel.
I'm glad you were able to get out and find some treasures.
Try to take it easy when you can and only do what you have to.
Thinking of you and your DH and remembering you in my prayers.

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Janet...like everyone else here, I'm so sorry to hear all you've been going thru...with both DH and your health. So much has been heaped on you.
I'm glad tho that you were able to have some down time and find those great buys with many things to 'play' with.
I will keep you in my prayers ..and
remember to take care of 'you' too...

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