Hello Everyone :)

milosmom_gwJune 3, 2013

Long time no post and what a journey it has been but I'm finally finding my way back into "my groove".
Time sure has gotten away from me :(. My Mom has finally managed to heal and become fully self dependent again after 2 surgeries and almost 8 months. PTL!!
In Jan, I hit the skids a bit in the health dept and after a bumpy go and several med switches, they finally got me straightened out. Never have I been in so much pain and so tired so I don't care at all to repeat that again.
So many things have happened but the biggest of all. My baby graduated high school! When he was diagnosed with heart issues 2 yrs ago , it was uncertain whether he would survive let alone accomplish that milestone every parent waits for.
He's now working for the National Park Service and will go to college in the fall. All grown up now and I'm not even sure where the years have gone *sigh*.
How is everyone? I'm sure I've missed so much & how is Lynne doing, does anyone know?
Closing for now , but here is my pride and joy.

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And for giggles , a pic of Bubba and his mini mom.
He's so tall/broad and I'm short/hopeless .... but if I need a place to hide behind someone , he's good for that. LOL

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Hi MM, glad you are back.
Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.
Great pictures, your son is a handsome young man.

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Congrats to the graduate! & to you, Mom! Great pic ... good to see you both! Hope you are on a good track now & enjoying each day. I haven't seen an update on Lynne for some time but she was in a rehab place & making gains... look up 'Tom Mann' on Facebook (or Lynne) Good to hear from you. ~~Jeanne

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MM, great to hear from you. So happy for DS and you that graduation is over and movin' on. Sounds like your mom and you have been through alot. So glad to hear all is better now. I too hope Lynne is improving every day. My life is crazier than ever but I guess it's what I make it.LOL


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Great news on both your son and your Mom! He is surely your pride and joy, amazing young man who's won a hard battle.

I'm glad you got straightened out with meds, I can empathize with the pain and staying tired. Not fun.
By the way, you are one cute chic....short and hopeless my foot!!!

How are the furkids?
hugs, Karen

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Bless you woman. Cute isn't the first thing that I think of anymore. LOL
I really am short (barely 5foot) and have to stand on objects just to get close to the top of his head. lol
Furkids are good. Today is 2 yrs since Mister Mickey got here and never left. He still has residual breathing problems with his heart/lungs from the whole ordeal but we make the best of each day he does have.
The other 2 are fine as fiddles as long as no one disturbs them.
How are things over your way?

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