Is it hard to load a Bosch dishwasher?

nerdyhousewifeApril 20, 2012

Looking at the placement of the tines on the bottom racks of Bosch dishwashers, it looks like it would be difficult to find a spot for a casserole dish or cutting board. Is this true?

It's not like I ever use 12 saucers, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with the little tines in the front right corner.

I really want to buy a Bosch for all the other reasons - I'm just not sure how to fit my dishes in it. I usually have a ton of glasses, dinner plates, salad bowls, and cookware I'm too lazy to hand wash.

If you have one, how difficult is it to load?

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I have 2 KitchenAid DWs, but Mom has 2 Bosch DWs. I HATE loading her DW when we go over there for dinner. The short tines on the top rack are supposed to be for bowls I guess, but the bowls just flop over to one side or the other blocking space where glasses need to go. On the bottom rack, the tines are spaced nicely for stacking lots of plates and still allow adequate water to reach all surfaces, but plates are about all you can stack in there. And as you have already noticed, you can stack regular dinner size plates on the back row, but then you are limited to smaller plates in the front row. No baking dishes, no pots/pans & no large bowls will fit on the bottom rack. If I want to put those in there, they have to go in the top rack and even then they don't stack nicely--they hog up A LOT of space. Luckily for Mom, she prefers to handwash all the food prep stuff, so the only things she stacks in there on a daily basis are glasses, plates, bowls & silverware. The Bosch DW would not make it in my house as I am like you--I want to put as many of the dishes in there as possible as I don't want to handwash. Why would I spend upwards of $600 for DWs if I planned to wash at least 1/2 the dishes by hand anyway? I would skip the Bosch & keep looking for one that fits your needs.

Have you looked at KA & Samsung? Both brands' racks are set up nicely for stacking a combination of dishes all at once. I can vouch for the cleaning power of the KAs as well as 'stackability'. Samsung was our backup option if the KA model we got was too loud for our open floorplan kitchen to family room. In the end, the KAs are quiet enough, so we never got to give the Samsungs a spin.

Just my $0.02. Hope this helps answer your question!

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Thanks mydreamhome! That is exactly what I was afraid of!

I'm definitely considering KitchenAid - they look so much easier to load. Just getting tripped up on all the shining reviews for the Bosch's.

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No problem for me but I am used to the Bosch. Used to have a KA back in the day that is still going strong at my Daughter's place. I do cutting boards stood up against the sides in the bottom rack, or for my big nylon board I just rest it on top of the glasses in the upper rack.

But I am not really all that particular about how I load, and I stick stuff anywhere I can fit it, top or bottom. For me, the big thing is making sure that neither of the wash arms are blocked. When I do that, the dishes always come out clean. But I will agree that baking dishes and serving bowls often give me the most trouble or end up taking more space than they ought due to the tine layout on the bottom. I really like the adjustable tine setup on the bottom racks of the new Mieles, however; one reason why I will look at them first when our Bosch tanks.

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I have a Bosch and my bottom tines fold down but I usually leave them up and it seems like it fits everything in. I think the tines are a little closer together so if you have thicker plates that might be an issue. I do lots of plates, bowls, casseroles, glasses,pitchers and canning jars. Cutting boards go on the side. I hand wash all my pots and pans and all aluminum bakeware. I didn't get a Miele because I didn't want to have to place all my siverware in the tray. I fit all kinds of stuff in every which way as long as everything is facing water jets and spray arms are clear as mojavean says.

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nerdyhousewife--Another thing to consider is the Bosch does not have a hard food grinder/disposer in it. This means that if you don't pre-rinse before stacking, you will have to clean out the filter in the bottom of the DW. KA & Samsung both have the grinder/disposer, so no pre-rinsing required & no filter to clean ;-)

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It is not correct to say that you have to clean the filter often if you don't pre-rinse. I NEVER pre-rinse anything. I just scrape and shove them in there. I clean my filter maybe once a month. My dishes come out perfectly clean. The enzymatic detergent and the high temps dissolve most of the chunks and what I usually find in the filter is cellulose from flower trimmings and stuff that finds its way in there from the sink by accident.

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I have a Bosh, at first look thought it would be hard to fit dishes in. I slowly ruled out other brands for various reasons. I've only had mine less than a week. No problems yet with loading. In a year I will be able to say more.

I took a box of dishes with me from my house, various sizes and tried them in the DW before I bought. I noticed that various stores sold slightly different DW's so It took some time before I found the "right Bosh for me".

I got one with the 3rd rack cutterly tray, silverware lays in 3rd top rack, frees up space on first rack. Also, wanted one where the lower level tines folded down, and my second level (glasses) tray raises or lowers for taller glassware.

I don't see a problem with grabbing out the filter to rinse off food junk. Not sure how often it will need done but I'm standing right next to the sink when I empty the DW. Sales also told me not to pre-rinse plates just remove big things like bones. I enjoy the quiet of my DW 42decibles, the ones with grinders are probably lounder.

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Your question about loading the Bosch is exactly why I bought a KA instead. Looking at the Bosch I couldn't figure out how the heck I would load everything in it- casseroles, pots, pans, cutting board, etc. And I've had DWs for 50 yrs so am not a newbie. Got the top of the line KA with the cutlery tray and absolutely love it. Everything fits in easily and comes out spotless and it's quiet.

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I have a 7 year old Kitchenaid Dishwasher that I am replacing with another Kitchenaid dishwasher. For me being able to load a lot of dishes is important. I looked at the Bosch and just could not see the configuration working. I did pick the Kitchenaid without the food grinder. You have to scrape which we did not do in the beginning. There is not easy access to clean out the food grinder. The food grinder cannot handle soft food. I decided I would rather have easy access to the filter in the Kitchenaid.

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We bought two high-end Bosch dishwashers when we remodeled the kitchen, which I regret. I hate the racks, hate them. In particular, glasses don't fit well. One reason we added a second dishwasher was to clean up after dinner parties. But stemware fits so poorly, I have to run multiple, half-empty loads. The bottom rack has such a big grid that I couldn't use it for glassware until I wired in some small metal racks (the kind for cooling cookies, etc.). The units clean fine, and I like the natural drying, but I would not buy them again.

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Seabird - did you read the below thread? The last one talks about wine glasses - i just did the adjustment and it worked!

Here is a link that might be useful: bosch dw

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I have 2 bosh 800plus units. They are great. Uber quite. The racks aren't bad, you just have to get use to them. My only complaint is large baking sheets are a little akward if you want to wash like 5 of them. Other than that, they are built like a BMW.

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I have a Bosch, stainless interior (and out). Sometimes I load things a bit haphazardly in order to get them to fit and they still come out spotless. I love this thing. The stainless interior allows it to dry naturally and it's quiet. I have had it 3 years and have had to clean out the filter 3 times. No big deal.

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I am not sure and i don't want to point fingers as well, but why is everyone having a hard time loading hte dishwasher?!?! i have a 800series.

the bottom rack is for plates and it has the rear rack that can collapse so you can put bigger items.

I can put in my cutting board fine.

It has special area for stemware so they don't move about and clank with other dishes (can get 6 easily).

the cutlery tray took time the first time i used it but now i know where and how things go.

I prefer this dw over my old KA/whirlpool model.

I have used the dw about 4 times (less than a month).

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>>I have a Bosch and my bottom tines fold down but I usually leave them up

Does anyone make a DW that has tines that can be folded down half at a time? i.e., where every other tine folds down. That would be great for fitting thicker bowls.

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Do you mean like the LG Smart Rack? Just go to YouTube and enter "LG Smart Rack".


Here is a link that might be useful: Example video

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>Do you mean like the LG Smart Rack? Just go to YouTube and enter "LG Smart Rack".

Yes, exactly. Thanks!

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Nerdy, Bosch offers several different types of racks depending on the model of the dishwasher. I agree with Seabird, I have had my Bosch for a few years and hate the racks - don't like the top rack at all, though the bottom is not too bad. One major problem for us if you have salad bowls that are close in size to a full sized plate, the bottom tines are too close together, and so you have to take up a lot of room. I think we normally run our machine when it has about 2/3 as many items as our prior dishwasher, because the tine layout is not optimal. We did buy the entry level stainless steel Bosch, if we spent much more, we could have gotten one with a different rack system, though I didn't see the problem at the time, and haven't gone back to see if it would work better for us. OTOH, the Bosch sure is quiet.

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Also if the tub size and runners are the same i bet one can order different lower racks atleast.

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"I am not sure and i don't want to point fingers as well, but why is everyone having a hard time loading hte dishwasher?!?! i have a 800series. "

Because Bosch makes more than one type of dishwasher, and people have different types of dishes? My Bosch is quiet and gets dishes clean, but it is terrible to load. I could get a lot more into my very old (and cheap) Kenmore and wash them in less than half the time. In the Bosch that I have:

The silverware basket can only go in one spot, dead center, which limits how I can arrange dishes.

The grid spacing on the lower level rack is so wide that I can't put anything narrower than a wide coffee mug there.

The plastic flip-up doohickeys on the top rack will slice your fingers if you aren't careful.

The lower rack of my Bosch skews to the side and comes off the runners completely unless I am very careful when pulling it out, a problem I've never had with ANY dishwasher before.

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Yes! I have a brand new Bosch, which I have used two times. While the unit is super quiet, and the dishes come out practically sparkling, I find it very difficult to load. The silverware baskets take up a lot of room; the tines are very short and are so close together that many of my dishes and bowls don't fit; also, the tines are angled in a way that dishes can only be loaded in one direction (sort of a "toilet-paper-over-or-under" type deal, but nonetheless it is rather annoying to have to change directions after years of loading a preferred way); very few glasses fit in the top rack; the little utensil holder on the top rack is completely useless--it makes it impossible to put much below it. The bottom rack comes off track much too easily, and after just two days, I am pretty irritated with just that.

An entirely separate problem is the fact that, while the dishes come out mostly dry, the tub does not. I am concerned about mildew/odor build up. I really wanted to love this dishwasher, but am seriously considering returning it today.

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I don't know what model June has, but I have none of these problems - except I'd like the third set of tines on the bottom rack to be a little wider. Mine is the 800 series.

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Yes, it's stupid to load with odd spacing. Great for little saucers and plates. And the inside does stay damp. It gets dishes clean, but considering mine are 90% clean when I load them, it's not a surprise.

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I've had two different bosch DWs for the last 7+ years. An older 600 series, and a new 800+ series 42DB with the third rack.

I'm surprised to hear the comments. I've never felt there was any issue with stacking/loading all sorts of variable sized items. I regularly wash an assortment of regular plates, bowls, glasses, as well as large and small pans, pots, casserole dishes, cutting boards. Between the adjustable tines, and the deep tubs, I've never felt that something won't have a place to fit to be washed. I've never owned a KA or samsung, so can't really compare, so take this for what its worth.

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Like I said, I'm in the same camp as Sonny. My last two dishwashers were dish drawers (held pretty much nothing, although I understand they're redone the inside layout) and GE Profile, which held half as much as this Bosch.

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I really really dislike our Bosch 500 dishwasher lower rack. We moved to our new home a month ago. Every time I go to put something in the lower rack other than plates, I start this litany of "I hate you, I hate you!" :-) I really should have looked at the configuration more closely before purchasing the dishwasher. We have large plates, so the only thing I really checked before ordering it was that the plates would fit. But, placing large serving bowls and a 13x9 baking dish in there, you might as well forget it!

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I have two Bosch dishwashers.

First, if you have really thick dishes like Fiestaware, it may be difficult as the tines are relatively close. I have Corelle, no issues.

Other than that, I Have zero issues with either of my Bosch dishwashers. And I cook, A LOT.

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