stain on vintage couch (pic)

stevsieSeptember 9, 2009

We recently bought a vintage couch - the fabric was in perfect condition. Within two weeks of owning it, the cat threw up on it (just my luck). We were right there when it happened, so it didn't sit for even a minute. We cleaned it with shout and a little water. The stain is essentially gone but has left a ring in the fabric. Any ideas of what I should/shouldn't use? The tag says the it's blended cotton felt, but it seems fairly delicate. Would Oxyclean hurt it? baking soda? Any help is appreciated!

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I believe the ring may be from residual dirt left in the material and cushion. Oxyclean should take it out and at the standard dilution on the box it shouldn't harm the fabric. Use a sponge dipped in the solution(and wring most out) to moisten the material. The best recommendation I can give would be to use a home steam cleaner to suck out the extra moisture. Barring that you could use a wet/dry vac to take out the extra moisture. That should prevent a second ring.

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I had a ring/stain on a sofa cushion. It was several years old. I bought a Tide Stain stick and rubbed it all over the edges of the ring. It removed the ring. I think the stain may have been old ballpoint ink and it's gone too. Maybe it would work for you.

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