Best Steam Cleaner under $150

lostinitSeptember 4, 2009

Anyone have or know a good steam cleaner under $150 that effectively cleans grout? I know there are vapor steam cleaners that do the best job but I havent found any around $150. Scouring the forum I see a lot of posts about the Shark Mop. Amazon seems to have more favorable for the Envirosteamer by Eureka. But regardless I haven't heard a firm testimonial for grout cleaning.

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Does the Haan brand clean grout? I don't actually know the answer to your question, I've just heard of that brand and that people liked it. I know QVC has a few models, probably Amazon does too.

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It is my experience that if anyone tells you a steam cleaner will clean grout, they are lying to you (even if/especially if, it's a TV Pitchman). THERE IS NO SHORT CUT. You need a specially made grout cleaning product/chemical and the proper tools. Then it should probably be resealed to keep future dirt out. Sorry.

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I just bought a steam mop last weekend at a local home show event. It's Deluxe Steam Mop. The gentleman selling them said that they usually sell them on QVC. It was $140.

I've just had it a few days, and it is only a mop (no attachments, etc) but it does a good job on floors. I like it because it is very simple: the micro fiber cloths (it came with 4) attach with velcro and can be washed. There is a plastic glide for carpets and uneven floors (I have a sealed brick floor). You don't have to take anything apart. I hope it lives up to my simple expectations!

I've never seen anything posted here on this brand.

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I've been researching steam cleaners. I don't need one for cleaning grout but in the process of reading lots of stuff on the web including reviews at Amazon, I don't think I would be very confident that any steam cleaner would clean grout.

As someone else posted, I think you need a special grout cleaner but I also think that if you had such a cleaner, using it in combination with a steam cleaner might help facilitate the project more than if you did it without a steam cleaner. You would probably still need to scrub and wipe but seems like the steam cleaner would help loosen up the dirt once the grout cleaner was applied. I'm just guessing though. I hope you post if you find something that works.

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I beg to differ with Lucky51. I can say from personal experience that the combination of steam and the correct brush attachment on your steamer cleans grout well.

Chemicals work well too. And applying the chemicals and then using the steamer and brush attachment REALLY works well.

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I Saw this, it looks like another one that goes for $300. But essentially it blasts steam onto the surface, which depending on grout may require some elbow grease?

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Wagner 1500 Watt

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