Will these finishes look good together?

rebecca3142April 24, 2014

I am planning for my master bathroom. I think this looks good, but I would love some input on my choices. Nothing is set in stone, except for the light fixtures and the cabinetry. Tile is up for grabs! That is my big....question mark.

Here is my plan:

The small format grey tile would be the floor of the shower. The walls of the shower would be either a large rectangular tile or subway tile, which would match the floor.
The floor would be 12x12 marble looking porcelain tile, laid on a diagonal.
White painted wainscoting

Example of marble looking porcelain tile (looks better in person):

My biggest question is the floor. Home Depot had this example, and I think it is very pretty. I am thinking about getting that accent tile and doing that exact same thing to my floor. But I am very cautious with my choices, and I am worried that I might get sick of the accent tile. Or, does this even look good? Please let me know, I am very confused!

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I think it all works but the statement you make about being afraid of getting tired of it makes me think that maybe you shouldn't do it. It's in the Planning stages, and you are questioning if you will tire of it...to me that means you probably will. :)

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Palimpsest makes a good point.
I like your choices, but before you decide to go with the accent on the floor, I would also be sure that the field tile you are planning on using works with the accent tile. Sometimes marble-look porcelain looks great until you put it side-by-side with the real thing!

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Thank you for the feedback! Truth be told, I was very excited about the accent tile on the floor until I started reading Maria Killam's blog. She is very much against accent tile. So, now I am creeping back into my "safe" zone.

If I decide to go for it, should the accent tile be carried to another area too, like the shower? Or, can it stand on its own without looking out of place?

Thanks again!

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I personally think the accent tile is a wonderful idea, and My opinion is that you are letting outside sources influence what you intuitively like. Being unsure is not necessarily a sign that you will tire of it, it could be either being reno-weary or due to analysis paralysis. Your accent choice is fairly neutral, it's not a wild off-the-wall colour, and you could use as much or as little of it as you want or can afford in the rest of the BR.

Stop reading Maria Killam's blog! LOL

When I posted a question about glass shelves in my shower niche, I got so many responses from people saying that they would never put glass in a shower (What about all those glass walls/doors...Huh?), that I really began to second guess myself and start worrying. However, I stuck with the glass, and I love it, and forsee having no problems.

However, having said that, I would like to see the accent against a marblelain tile. It looks beautiful next to that solid tile, not so sure how it would be next to a patterned tile.

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I think your marble/porcelain tile is lovely. I like your lights and vanity too. What are you planning for your counter. Will it have a pattern? I am a big fan of Maria Killam, and she does say one fixed pattern/room is safest. So if you use the pattern "marblelain" tile and the patterned accent tile as well that is already two patterns. If your counter will have a pattern, I would definitely not do a pattern accent tile like you show. If not, I would want to test and re-test the accent tile with the floor tile to make sure the patterns work together and the undertones are the same. If would be simpler and safer to stick to one pattern for your bath though.

BTW, what is the name of the lovely floor tile?


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