How wide are your bathroom and bedroom doors?

macman_2009April 23, 2009

As we speak, Kurt the Contractor is dismantling the bathroom. I've had to revert to "Plan B," with hints of "Plan C," but the bathroom will morph into something brighter, drier, and more user-friendly.

He just removed the huge 1955 built-in cabinet "thing" and discovered that, yes, we can put in a new and wider door.

The current door into the bathroom is 28-inches wide. There are two bedroom doors in the same area of the hallway. They are each 30 inches wide and they can not be replaced.

Should I replace the bathroom door so it matches the other two 30-inch wide doors? Should I live dangerously and go for 32-inches...or 34...on the bathroom door?

The bathroom is only 7x9 ft. It can not be made "handicapped accessible," but the doorway can be wider than 28."

What would you do?

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My newly remodeled master bedroom will have a 30" door. My new master bathroom will have a 30" door also. I have a second bathroom (my son's bathroom down the hall, which won't be remodeled until some later date), which has only a 24" door. Even that smaller size isn't too bad. So, if your existing door is 28" and you don't want to replace it, I would think it'll be fine. I doubt anyone will be able to notice the difference between the 30" bedroom doors and the 28" bathroom door unless they whip out a tape measure and measure and compare. However, if you do decide to replace the bathroom door, I wouldn't go larger than 30". This is a good size for a bathroom door. I am not even sure if 32" or 34" is a standard size? If that's not standard and it's what you wanted, you'd have to go custom (more expensive). But I don't think larger than 30" is necessary for a bathroom, I think it might seem too big. Let us know what you decide to do. Susan

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Susan631, is the 24" door functional? We are planning a bathroom remodel and the contractor suggested using 24" doors for the closets and the toilet room. Right now we have a wall in the bathroom with 4 30" doors on it, all with full size molding. It does look like the "wall of doors". Because of load bearing walls, we will still have a wall of doors in the reconfigured bath, but will go from 4 doors to at the most 3. Again, the contractor thinks that it will look less overwhelming if we use smaller doors and open up more wall space.

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I wouldn't worry about the bathroom door matching the other door sizes. Without close scrutiny, 28" and 30" doors off the same hallway, painted the same color, will look the same. Our reno'd bathroom will have a 30" door and that feels right for comfort. Any larger and we'd have clearance issues.

I have a functional 21-1/2" door into my less-used bathroom (old house, weird door sizes all around - we have doors that are 24" wide and 9-1/2 feet tall) and several functional 24" doors into other rooms. For me, even though I can fit through the 24" doors just fine, I feel like I need to angle my shoulders to get in. It's a mental adjustment I make unconsciously - the doorway looks and is smaller than standard, so you feel like you need to lessen yourself to fit through. It's fine for less-visited or less-used rooms like a pantry or closet or even a guest room, but for everyday high-traffic rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, I'd go for the standard 28-30".

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We did the same thing, had 28 inch doors and widened them all to 32. I know that seems large, but it's big enough that should we ever have the need, it will hopefully be able to accomodate handicaped or disabled persons.

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All of the doors in our home, with the exception of 2 24" doors that go into a small bathroom, are 32". I prefer the look of the wider doors. The 24" doors aren't a problem tho. The 32" doors just look nicer (to me).
When we replaced the master bedroom door, we chose a solid wood door and our master bathroom door is a full glass door with a "rain" texture.

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24" is impossible for a wheelchair and even a walker.

32" is minimum ADA. If you plan to stay in your house into your golden years, think ahead.

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Cangelmd- Yes, the 24" bathroom door is functional, does not feel too small to me at all. As Monica said, they aren't a problem.

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