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amandasplitApril 4, 2014

We are just starting to think about a reno. Currently our master bathroom /closet area has the bathtub/shower, toilet and single vanity behind a pocket door to the right of a walk in closet and a second vanity to the left of the closet. I really like having one sink outside of the shower toilet room but is it weird to have separate sinks? One solution we are thinking about is to turn the separate single vanity into a double sink and then have no sink near the toilet (wed turn that vanity into a tall linen cabinet). So you'd have to walk outside the pocket door and cross the closet to wash your hands, for example. its about a 10 foot walk. Which is weirder? Split vanities? Or vanities together but far from toilet?

Let me know if you'd like pics. And thank you sooooo much!

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A floorplan would help so much, even a simple hand-drawn plan. Dimensions, door and window locations, what's on the other side of the walls, etc.

If you're interested in moving plumbing, especially a toilet, it helps to know which way the floor joists are running. In a typical rectangular-shaped house, they will normally run from the "front" of the house to the "back" of the house.

For now, split vanities are fine. I do a fair number of them, they are becoming more common in larger master bathrooms. Neat-freaks seem to prefer them.

If you are not a tub person, it's also not uncommon to omit the tub in a master bath and instead put in a larger shower.

Very seldom do I put a sink in a true water closet that is inside of a larger bathroom unless the homeowner is a germ-o-phobe. In a jack and jill type of bath where the toilet is separated from the tub/shower so multiple non-married users can use the space, then yes, it's common to have a sink in with the toilet.

So there's no real right or wrong. It's good to keep one tub in the house for "just in case" issues. Resale. Therapeutic needs.

Other than that, consider your "work flow" when you bathe. How you move through a bathroom. Your spouse. Where you conflict when trying to use the same space at the same time. Does one person get up hours before the other.

Can you share intimate spaces? Some can, some can't. I have a pretty large master suite and my wife INSISTED on a single sink for the two of us.

Bathrooms are an area where to have a successful design you really have to be honest about what you want. A few years ago the single most important requirement I had from a couple was "we never want to see each other in the bathroom". I made it happen. They are very happy!

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WOW! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!! I drew the layout and hopefully included everything you'd need to know. We are on a concrete slab so moving the toilet I think is impossible, and probably the bath, too? My main question is do I keep everything where it is and just redo the finishes? Or would it be worth it to re-work things? For resale, for example, is a separate shower a must? We definitely like to have a tub as that's where we bathe the kiddos. Also, I wasn't sure if there was a way to get a bigger closet that would make sense.

Basically I just don't know if the current layout makes the most sense for the space. The only thing I know is that separate 64" vanity is a waste of space and I like having at least one sink outside of the toilet/shower area. Also I could use more vertical storage, right now we have nothing above any sink. Not even a medicine cabinet.

Any glaring recommendations? Thank you again SO much for anyone who's looking.

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