Can this ugly Master Bathroom be saved?

azmomApril 28, 2013

Our hall bath remodeling is a work in progress. We are planning for 2 more bathrooms remodel.

The big headache is MB. I have spent tons of time trying to reconfigure this bathroom, but have no success. In the meantime, I have developed a strong resentment toward the person who designed the room for giving us such a choppy, congested, ugly and dysfunctional MB. It has:

1, A long vanity with two sinks but only one medicine cabinet right by the entrance.
2. A very deep, wide, and ugly bath tub no one has used it ever since we moved into this house.
3. A small shower, narrow and dark.
4. The toilet room has two doors; one goes to the back yard, it is the only source of light other than a sky light next to the vanity.
5. A master closet that is miserably small and difficult to use.
6. The room behind the wall, next to the vanity is a bedroom.
7. The wall at the end of closet is exterior wall.
8. The room behind the wall next to the bathtub is the guest bathroom.

We like to have a soaking tub, a shower, toilet, vanity with two sink and closet. We don't mind moving walls or plumbings if that could make the room more functional.

Could anyone please help to come up with more functional floor plan? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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How about making a reach-in closet the full width of the room where the vanity and tub end currently are to replace the walk-in closet? And install high awning windows on the exterior wall. Then you'd have a large, lighted square room with infinite possibilities to play with.

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A few thoughts for starters:
1. Put a counter-mount shallow linen closet between the sinks, or else a wall-mounted 4" deep cabinet that both can access.
2/3. Make the tub smaller and the shower bigger, and put glass doors on the shower. Here's a remodel we did on a previous house to make the cave-like shower bigger. We didn't shrink the tub, but you could.


4. Can you close off the door to the outside? That seems a bit awkward. You can leave a window to keep the light coming in.

5. What makes the closet miserable to use? Would changing the door so it opens into the bedroom help?

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This actually seems like a pretty easy one to fix because everything can sort of stay where it is, just tweak a bit to make it more functional. Of course you need to decide what you really want from the room.

Get a console or floating vanity and put 2 medicine cabinets, one over each sink. I would make it smaller to match the opposite wall length and get rid of the angled side - chop it off square at 83" so the room feels more symmetrical.

Put floor to ceiling cabinets on either side of the closet entrance. They could be open shelves or cupboards, depending on what you want to store. Only need to be 12" deep. Put a mirror on the closet door. Make those cabinets look luxe - fine wood or lacquer paint.

Get a freestanding tub, 66 x 32 size or so, not too big since you don't seem to use it. It can go in the same corner, but without the huge surround. That gives you room to expand the shower, which should be all glass. If you really don't like baths and you have other tubs, you could make one huge shower taking over the tub space.

Make the wall between the toilet and the shower glass (you can frost the lower half if you like more privacy for your WC). That way the light from the door reaches all the way into the room.

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I like coolbeans' suggestion if that is possible. The wall of closet could be finished very nicely -- as closed or open as you like it, and your total wall space isn't much different when you consider what is lost in the corners. It might also be easier for two people to use at the same time. If you go that route, I'd take it to the ceiling.

I have similar choppy issues with my master bath and am trying to figure out what might be possible. If we want to stay in this house, a 21" door on the shower is not going to cut it. Other than that, It would be pretty easy. And we have no medicine cabinet. ;-)

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You are so awesome. Many thanks to all of you for the inputs. You are giving me hopes.

Weedy, I like your bathroom, the "before" bathtub and shower configuration is similar to ours, but it was much better looking. I could directly copy and implement your changes.

Christa, your suggestions resolves majority of the problems. They are so very useful. Cost wise both your suggestions and Weedy's are most practical.

Coolbean, Lascatx, switching plumbing will give me a good new closet. Opening a window on exterior wall will make the room light and bright, yet the changes would be expensive. Unfortunately, your proposal is also a part of my âÂÂwishful planâÂÂ.

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