National Gardening Exercise Day table

christmascandyJune 6, 2012

So, June 6 is National Gardening Exercise Day....another excuse for a table.

I used some Pfaltzgraf dishes from the TS, and also napkins and tablecloth, terra cotta pots, glassware, candles, candle-ring, candleholder, are also TS treasures.

My flatware was a gift, and the S & P's are heirloom.

The chargers were HL clearance a couple of years ago.

The feather butterfly is a Michaels weekly sale item.

The little ceramic frog was TS and the mini garden tools are tieback holders from big Lots.

The watering can was new several years ago, but the label has long since weathered off as I put it outside for the summer.

The seed packets with name tags are also from DT.

I did get my garden exercise in by putting the tops on the gazebos, LOL.



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Candy: This is fabbbb u lous!!
I love the whole table but the plates are esp great. I love the whole layout and the flatware is the perfect accent.
I really like the bright green of the chargers ever so slightly peeking out from beneath the plates.
Sadly, the only "gardening excercise" I'm getting is watching my plants all turn brown and fizzle. :(
I made some changes this year and took up the beds in front of the house to let it go back to grass for ease of maintainence. Unfortunatly , most of my plants didn't recover from the shock to well but next year "should" be a back flower bed spilling over in green. *I hope*

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Oh candy...gardening exercise! LOL! Yup, been at that for awhile ...but you shared a wonderful table here to celebrate it! Thanks!

Always liked that Platzgraf pattern...very 'gardening/earthy' feel! Looks great here with your flatware (which I love, too). The cutest are those lil' S&P shakers at each placesetting & of course, adding the seed pkts sure makes your table bloom!

Butterflies, flowers, gardens, & candlelight! Where's the lightning bugs!! TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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Another delightful table, Candy
I love that you used everything that would be found in a garden,
even a frog!
Your tablecloth matches the green on those wonderful dishes perfectly.
I'm going to be on the lookout for chargers like yours.
Great job!!

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MM, thanks and I hope your garden will recover and grow beautiful over the summer.

Jeanne, I like that dish pattern a lot too! The soft green just seems so summery.
BUT, we don't have lightning bugs in Colo, : ( , just lightning! And we have been having a lot of that, yikes! The first time I saw real lightning bugs was a trip to Des Moines with DH back in 2000! I had seen the ones in the swamp portion entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean in Dis*ney Land, LOL, but I don't think that counts!

Nana, thanks, as I said the green chargers were HL after Christmas clearance a couple of years ago, but maybe they will have more, or they'll start showing up in the TS's, LOL! The frog was just a touch of fun.

Thanks everybody,

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I love this, I remember those plates from Pfaltzgraf.
You did a great job putting this together.
I find doing tables is a lot of exercise. Up and down the stairs bringing things up, and then putting it all away!

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This is so pretty Candy.
Those Pfaltzgraff plates are one of my favorite patterns and I love the garden theme you created with them..
Great idea using the seed
packets and little flower pot/votives at ea placesetting.
Your stems and flatware add a
nice soft touch to everything too.
I just love how you 'whip up' these fun themed tables so quickly...keep em coming.

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What the others said--I agree with it all! Love the pattern on those dishes. Very soothing, pretty table. Luvs

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Candy, love the colors on this table. Your chargers WOW me every time I see them. It's great that you are keeping up on the days to celebrate and sharing new beautiful tables.

You always come up with some neat tables to go with the special day! My garden is coming up and I'll be out weeding as soon as the rain stops.


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Your table is wonderful, Candy. Those dishes are especially lovely!! (and I love frogs, LOL. Tho we don't have real ones here).

You come up with the neatest ideas for tables, and always have the best-est stuff for them! ;o)
hugs, Karen

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Kathleen, You are so right!! Lots of trips to the basement and back again, so I am going to count that as exercise in the future, LOL!!

Jane, I keep finding lots of treasures, so I have a plethora of choices to choose from when I create a new table, HaHa.

Luvs, I really like that dish pattern, but I usually like most of Pfaltzgraf's patterns.

Punk, send some of that rain this way Please! We get a lot of lightning and thunder, also a lot of hail, but sure could use just some nice gentle rain.

Karen, I played golf in Grand Junction on
Sat. and one of the greens had the tiniest frogs on it I had ever seen! At first we thought they were bugs, as they were only about a half inch long.

Thanks again everyvbody,

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Oh, those tiny frogs sound adorable. I'd have wanted to bring some home. LOL.

It was 110 here today, but since it was Father's Day would you believe Jason and his Dad played golf! Well, Fred would have played no matter what!! But Jason decided to join him cause of F.D., after telling me a few weeks ago he wasn't going to play this summer. Have a feeling he won't the rest of it, LOL. He doesn't take the heat too well any more and drank so much Gatorade he wasn't feeling too good by the end of the round.

I guess all those horrendous fires are nowhere near you? So devastating. Are you getting the smoke from them?

I'd love to visit your basement, LOL. Must be like a grand thrift store and holiday shop all rolled into one!!
hugs, Karen

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The frogs were so tiny it was hard to believe they were real!!

It has been horribly hot here too! 100's, and high 90's. I played golf Monday morning, but it didn't get to 100 til after noon!!
Sorry Jas isn't feeling like his old self.

The fires are in the foothills and mountains. Some of the smoke was very thick in town one day, but it has also been so windy that it has blown most of it away.

The basement is a veritable storehouse of "stuff!" LOL


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Candy, today started out with rain but ended up being a beautiful day. I love the rain but DH is bridge forman so he's staying busy chasing high water. It's always a tough few weeks for him every year.

Glad to hear the wind is taking out the smoke. It's not fun to be out when the air stinks. We deal with this alot during Labor Day weekend.

Karen, I don't know how you manage with those high temps. I like the 70's. I agree, Candy's basement must be a veritable storehouse of "stuff!" I know my home and shed is overflowing. I need to refloor and don't want to move everything to do it.


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