Bosch hood or MW?

marcia59April 30, 2013

I pretty definitely want a Bosch induction cooktop and a Bosch wall oven.

There's a rebate going on and I can get 10% off all the Bosch products if I buy a 3rd. 10% off the cooktop and oven will save me about $360, so I'm not going to buy a 3rd Bosch product if the purchase doesn't make sense.

I'm thinking about the Bosch 800 MW with convection or a Bosch hood. I'll have a 30" induction cooktop, so from what I've read, 400 CFM should be just fine and I should do a 36" hood. That leads me to the 300 series chimney hood ($895) or the 500 series under-cabinet hood ($445). Obviously there are issues of style and features to distinguish the two.

The 800 MW gets very good reviews at AJM. The reviews here are generally good so far as they go, but there aren't many and they tend to be 2-3 years old, so I don't know how much things may have changed. It's expensive. I can get a similarly sized and powered GE MW with AJM reviews that are nearly as good for hundreds of dollars less, but when I do the math, I'm better off buying the more expensive Bosch MW and getting the 10% discount. So, any reason NOT to prefer the Bosch to the GE Profile or Cafe?

As to the hood, both Bosch hoods get 5 stars on AJM, but it's only 1 review each, so who cares? Again, not much in the way of recent reviews here for these products. The Bosch hoods are actually very reasonably priced compared to the Kobe and Zephyr hoods with the same relevant characteristics, but I know Kobe and Zephyr get a lot of love here and I assume it's for a good reason. So, any thoughts on the Bosch hoods?

Based on what I've said here, it seems to make sense to get the Bosch MW as my third Bosch product, taking into account both prices and available reviews, but I wanted to see if I'm missing anything.

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What hood are you going to get instead if you are getting a Bosch MW?

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I'm looking at Kobe and Zephyr.

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