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barryv_gwApril 16, 2012

I saw a post here about a turbo pot - they put a heat sink on the bottom of a stainless pot to increase its efficiency. I just got it tonight, and ran it for a test.

I used the people's test for cooktops http://applianceadvisor.com/content/peoples-cooktop-test

first, a few days ago, I used a Calphalon Anodized Aluminum pot, filled with 1 gal of water, on my Viking 15,000 btu open burner, and it took 8 minutes and 17 seconds ( 8.28) then today once I got the turbo pot, I repeated the test using the same burner and it took 6 minutes and 37 seconds ( 6.61) In other words, it was a about 20% faster. I will try again this weekend, except I will try to bring it to boil to see if there is even more improvement. The Eneron site claims a 50% reduction in time to boil


, which would be great, though I have to admit, even 20% quicker is pretty good. It may let me go a few more years before I have to replace the Viking. The time with the Turbo pot is pretty respectable when compared to some of the entries on the people's test. I bought it from theturbopot.com I found a few online retailers carrying the commercial products, but couldn't find many carrying the home version which is a 9 quart stainless steel pot, with a steamer insert, and a metal lid.

It costs $88 plus another $17 for shipping, so it isn't cheap, except in comparison to a new range. One downside is that I didn't see any info on returns on the turhopot site, so if you are unhappy, you may be out of luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: turbopot

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Love mine.

I meant to time it in a test, but it so obviously heats up faster that it isn't worth the effort. Plus, as you say, it's hard to get the residential version so the sizes are different from the home pots you'd probably compare it to.

It's funny the way it's built for function and not form. Not that it's bad looking but you can see the divots from the handle welds on the inside of the pot and lid, so the commercial pots are clearly not designed for retail pimping. At the same time, function gets a lot more thought. The lid handle is hollow and stays much cooler so you can grasp it. And the lid has a kind of cool design that minimizes the amount of condensed hot water that drips down your arm when you lift it--it is designed design to condense water and return it to the pot, but also interrupt the flow of water to the edge when you're opening it. I think it's cool.

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