Single vs. Double Wall Oven

marcia59April 14, 2013

Depending on a number of factors, I may get a range and a wall oven or may get a cooktop and 2 wall ovens.

Either way, I need at least one electric wall oven. I'd love some help with two questions.

1. If I'm getting 2 wall ovens, am I better off with one double or two singles, assuming the singles will be stacked. My first thought was that I'd prefer 2 singles even though that costs somewhat more than 1 double. My reasoning was that if one breaks, at least I still have a working oven. I was in an appliance store the other day and the salesman said that 1 double is a better idea because

(a) I have to run 2 electric lines for 2 singles, but only need 1 line for a double oven. Is this true and, if so, how much do I care?

(b) 2 single ovens means 2 separate control panels, which negatively affects the heights of the ovens. I see the point.

(c) a long song and dance about the difficulties and expense of replacing just one oven if such a thing is needed and how much easier it will be to replace a double than one single and I might end up replacing both singles anyway. This has the whiff of salesman BS, as what I'd need to replace and how easy it would be really will depend on a number of circumstances and I think it's a wash between the two choices.

So, 2 singles or 1 double?

2. Can I reasonably assume that if I start researching single ovens and then decide I want a double, that most brands will have a double corresponding to each single and that the pros and cons of the single will apply equally to the double? IOW, if I don't yet know if I want a single or a double, is it a waste of my time to start researching ovens or will the research carry over?


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In an ideal world, two separate ovens mounted side by side at the same convenient for you height, properly insulated, and spaced a suitable distance apart.
Several years ago, a participant whose name I can't remember now, built just such a dream kitchen using the best advice and equipment available on a dual oven layout and still got shafted by the "high end" equipment maker's lack of "help".

So, a double oven, or a single oven, or a speed oven, or a microwave oven, or a range, in any combination you like. Just keep your fingers crossed.

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