Need help with very small master bath...pix

jojo123456789April 12, 2013

We are renovating our master bath. It is small. 6x6. We are doing it in a black and white theme. Not modern black and white but more traditional or
vintage-y. We have white subway tile all the way up to ceiling in small neo angle shower. The floor is porcelain basketweave black and white. The floor is also Basketweave in the shower bed floor. The walls will be white beadboard wainscoting halfway up wall. Below is a picture of the black framed medicine cabinet (recessed). I also have a picture of our victorian- like chrome. The furniture style vanity is pictured It will be 30" wide, White with a black granite top. What kind of wall treatment above wainscoting should we do? We are looking to do a toile wallpaper on top half of walls (floral type I think..see inspiration). I was considering a toile wallpaper. Does anyone know what brand this paper is? Or does anyone know of any very similar papers or have other wallpaper ideas? Or should I just paint a very light grey or other color ideas?
Also ideas for the light fixture? We don't have room on the sides for two sconces so has to be overhead fixture. We do have two high in shower and one overhead. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Wouldn't let me post more than one pic..ill send in separate posts

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And the toile Inspiration

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Medicine cabinet

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The vanity minus the beadboard. It's just plain. Our top is black granite and faucet pictured above

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Maybe this paper or it might be too cream?

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How about this idea for more storage in the small bath?

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If you want to post more pictures in on posting you'll have to have some sort of photo management system. I will link the "New to Kitchens..." thread that has a whole lot of information including info on posting multiple pictures in one post.

I love your wall paper but I would be afraid to use it in a moist type room like a bathroom with a shower. Could you pinstripe an area, or periphery to add contrast and interest to the walls? I haven't seen anything like that but just an idea that could be done with paint instead of paper. Or get some of those decal things to add visual interest. I know some of the decals are dopy but if used nicely it might look nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: New To Kitchens? Posting Pics? Read Me! [Help keep on Page 1]

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Your bath is going to be so cute! I thought the toile might be too busy with your floor tile--too many patterns in a small bath--but then I saw the pic with the black and white checked tile and love it. I would think about going up higher than half way with the wainscoting so there's less of the toile pattern.

I'm using a similar faucet in chrome and haven't found anything in stores, so you may have to go online. I've been scouring Ferguson's for a light that will complement the curved lines of the faucet, but you probably have enough curved lines in the mirror arch and the toile. I'm not sure chrome would be a good choice with your mirror--what is the material?

Here's a link to Ferguson's--they have a good search function.

Here is a link that might be useful: lighting

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Hi again. Can you put a sconce on the wall without it interfering with the mirror? I think that's all the lighting you'll need. Or one overhead sconce with a wide shade.

I think you need a simple traditional style light that won't compete with everything going on. However, I don't see simple traditional working with the arched mirror and the heavy framing. As great of a find that styling is for a medicine cabinet, I think it could create problems for the rest of the design. It has a Moroccan feel, and then the toile is French, but you have vintage wainscoting, tile, and faucet.

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Thanks so much for all the feedback..the lighting does pose a problem because I don't want it to compete with the other details of bath. inspiration for this bath, I modeled it somewhat after my friend's bath pictured below. I cannot use a pedestal sink though because we need the storage in our master bath. I went with wainscoting instead of tile on walls and went with porcelain vs marble floors.
The medicine cabinet is described as having a "Georgian arch". It's a black wood frame and slightly distressed. It's from restoration hardware
Any other advice is appreciated. My friend can't remember name of wallpaper so if anyone knows what it is or where to find it let me know!

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Well, that pretty much mimics your description exactly, so what's the mystery? I thought the photo was your bath!

Copy what she did for a light and you're all set.

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I love the toile, and I've had wallpaper in many baths. It's finally coming down on its own in this house, (just in time for the reno), we've lived here for 17 years, and I don't know how long it was up before we bought. There were no fans in either BR, so as long as you have a good fan, and you have a good quality paper (not silk), you should be good!

The little alcoves are nice, (you'd just have to put your 'pretty stuff' in there, or you could do another medicine cabinet and introduce more mirror/light into the space.

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The faucet will look great with your vanity, counter and even the medicine cabinet.

To locate wallpaper, google toile wallpaper and you'll find lots of options. Without a decorator adn higher budget, you may have to go online. The wallpaper stores here all closed up. I'm not even sure if HD and Lowe's carry it any more. Wallpaper is fine in a bathroom as long as the paper is decent quality and properly hung. Just like paint, prep work is important.

I too was concerned about it being too many sets of different lines from the description. Your friend has the tile. I bet that's the same all around the room, so she has one less set of lines and different directions. The clean simplicity of the pedestal helps that look too. The marble floor is a softer look than the tile (epsecially with that black grout). Part of what works in your friend's bathroom is the lightness of the look. The vanity is nice and simple too, but will be a heavier look. I would consider a wainscoting that is plain, not beadboard. I'd even go so far as to just use paint. Prep all the wall surface flat and smooth, then prime so you can paint or wallpaper, and down the road, you can easily change your mind by simply removing the chair rail at the top of the "wainscoating" Trim the top, do a deep (possibly stacked treatment) baseboard and, if there is open wall space enough to make sense for it, frame a couple of faux panels. And stay light on the grout.

If you really want the beadboard, I'd probably paint the walls. Of course, all of this is said with no pictures of the actual room, much less seeing it or the actual materials in person, but remember that trying to put everything you love into one room, especially a small room, can result in detail overload. I'm afraid it would all wind up saying "look at me", "No, look at me", "no, look over here!" I also tend to err on the less is more side and that may not be what you are looking for.

I like all the things you are looking at -- just draw it up or mock it up together and make sure you are getting the effect you want.

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Here is a bathroom that uses some of the same things you are looking for. If you click on the picture it will take you to more pictures from this bathroom:

Traditional Bathroom by Brush Prairie Interior Designer Julie Murray

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Thank you all so much for your comments. I am not really very good at designing! I can look at something and know what I like and don't like but struggle when trying to put it together myself. In Retrospect I probably should have tiled the walls but my husband was set on beadboard and no tile. In a small space would have made more sense..but the tile is in so that ship has sailed! I hear what you're saying about too much..I definitely do not want it to be visual overload. I do like the picture that Abfabamy posted! Thank you.
I struggle with the medicine cabinet..I really love the design of it but is it too much..I ordered the large size for storage space and to have a bigger mirror but is it better to go smaller in small space or bigger. The bigger medicine csbinet measures 22" wide, 34" tall. The smaller is 17" wide and 27" tall. My vanity is 30" wide. Am i better off just finding a more plain black medicine cabinet?
Also for lighting, I won't have room for side sconces..what do I use on the wall above cabinet ..a one light, two light or three light vanity?

I did consider abandoning the toile paper and going for a light grey but was so in love with the toile...I don't know. Am so confused! I will try to take pix of the work in progress space and post.

Also my subway tile grout is white..on the porcelain basketweave floor I have a very light grey grout.

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You don't have to know what will go on the upper part of the wall. Prep and prime it and you'll be ready when you decide.

I think you can use that medicine cabinet if it is something you love. I'm not sure how to judge your "is it too much" thinking though -- do you really love it? As far as size, make sure you have the height for it with lighting that you like. Include the height of your vanity, the splash, some room above that, the mirror and then see what you have left for lighting and clearance above and below. I would like the wider mirror, but if your ceilings are low, you may need to go shorter.

If the mirror fits, what would you think about getting some rub n silver from the craft store and adding some silver highlights to the mirror and lightening it up a bit? If you like that idea, go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's and get some of that rub on silver (yep -- use your finger even), and give it some highlights. That might soften it a bit and tie it in to your lighter room. If you've never done anything like that, find something to practice on -- a picture frame, a flower pot or vase - something that you can play with and see how it works on edges and details.
For lighting. look at the fourth row of that Ferguson's lighting link, look at the Feiss Claridge. That could follow the shape of the top of the mirror and it might be nice to bring in another curve rather than a straight line. Personally, I like a three light fixture most of the time. It's that odd number thing, plus, if that is the main source or only source of light in the bathroom, I think it's better to have the ability to have more light and tone it down with a dimmer or smaller bulbs if you need to or want to.

As far as the toile, it's hard to say not seeing the space and what you have. It might look great, but you keep your other elements in mind. Glad you kept the grout light. I do think that the floral idea will work better than some other toile patterns because of the round and flowing lines. The ones that are tiny sketches scattered could wind up looking like one more liner element. All I can tell you about the creaminess is that I can't tell you anything from my monitor. You'll have to look at the different elements together. You should be able to order a sample of the wallpaper and you might want to try a few to compare.

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Charming bath! Just did my daughter's bath similarly. Same floor tile: def recommend using grey grout. Used Azek beadboard as wainscoting. (Paintable, no shrinking, cheaper labor than tile.) Another poster suggested carrying wainscoting higher up (2/3 of the wall height). Could you do a toile window treatment? Shower curtain?

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I do think the mirror is designed to go with side sconces, based on the arch and the width. The smaller mirror won't give you enough viewing space after you subtract the frame from the 17".

Lascatx has a good idea to highlight the mirror with silver. You'll have to lighten the look if you want to use chrome lights. There aren't many chrome lights with curved bars to chose from, but by going with three lights as lascatx suggested, it could give you enough bulk over the mirror that a one or two light fixture wouldn't.

Here's another Feiss light that could work. It has just a hint of a curve without being fussy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Feiss light

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Hi all. Thanks so much..some great ideas!! I never thought of the curved idea for the lighting but that seems like it would work great with the cabinet and "solve" the issue of not being able to use side sconces. I agree regarding the width of the cabinet being too small if I go with the smaller size. Basically height wise I have an eight foot ceiling...vanity plus backsplash is about 40" high, wainscoting will be about 43". The mirror is going to sit right on top if wainscoting and is 34" high. By my calculations that leaves me with 19" to play with for the light. Not very much room but enough I hope.

I was going with chrome lighting because that is the fixture color I have in shower, faucets, towel bars, etc. do you think there is another finish I should use or just try to soften the black as you were saying?

I agree I'll have to wait to decide on wallpaper vs paint until I have everything in place... Once the contractor clears some junk out of the bathroom ill try to post a picture of work in progress...

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I think chrome is fine. Look forward to seeing the pictures.

If you decide to paint the walls, a toile window treatment would be a good possibility.

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Just saw the front of your house on another thread. I have a new perspective now So, if you do a cranberry red door, will you bring berry red towels into the bathroom? :-)

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