8 foot for shower stall ? Isn't that too tall

lilloApril 27, 2013

I just learned today from my contractor that the shower will be 8 foot . Our old shower was 7 foot . How would I clean it ? I am 5 foot 6 . What is the normal height for the shower walls and glass doors ? . I think 7 or 7 and half is more reachable . How tall are you showers ?

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I am 5'7" and we have an 8' tiled ceiling in our shower. I really like it. It seems tall but not out of proportion to our shower which is 57" x 51". We have a 6" soffit that goes around the front perimeter and our glass goes full height to the soffit.

Our previous shower was closer to 48" x 36", I believe, and had a 7' ceiling that was not tiled. The combination of the lower ceiling and the untiled surface meant that it always got wet and needed cleaning constantly.

I find the higher ceiling height is easy because it really doesn't get wet so cleaning isn't needed regularly. Having 8' walls does mean that when we squeegee after each shower, I can't quite reach to the top. That hasn't caused any issues though because the upper 6" or so is out of the splash area. I just put little step stool in the shower when I'm doing a full cleaning.

I hope that makes sense. I linked pictures below if that makes it easier to visualize.

Here is a link that might be useful: My master bath photos

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I meant to add that if the ceiling height concerns you, I would imagine that you could have your contractor build a soffit in the shower area. That is very commonly done and looks just fine, IMO. What are the dimensions of your shower?

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What the others have written.

My own master shower is 8' high and is fully tiled, even the ceiling. Never had to clean anything above 6' high or so, and the only time I ever really had to scrub the 5-6' part of the wall was when my wife was trying some new hair product for a few months that left a gunky residue on the lower walls and floor.

Some like a lower ceiling from the "intimacy" perspective. They want the shower cozy, to enclose them. Nothing cavernous. If that's you, sure just have a drop-ceiling put in. Easy to do.

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Thank you treasuretheday and mongoct for your feedbacks . My only concern was the cleaning of that not so easy to reach top part after every shower . I already asked my DH to squeegee the walls and glass after taking his shower at 6 am every morning . It would have been too much to ask him to get a stool and do the top too . I am doing my shower with polar white marble . I am going to seal it for sure. Do you think the vapor staying on the top wan't damage it or darken it . I have included a picture of it on one of my other threads. Do you have any suggestions for the maintenance . Oh ya , my shower is 5 by 4 with a one foot bench , so the cleared area is 4x 4 . i have included a picture, it has a slanted ceiling with a skylight to its right where the tub is going .

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Treasuretheday I love your bathroom , I already have it in my idea book on houzz . Mongoct , as usual , you are a great help to everybody on this web .thank you both . Wish me luck for my bathroom project . Too much choices and decisions . I hope it turns out as I planned .

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We tiled over the shower stall in our guest bathroom, over tubs in the two other bathrooms. I generally clean the bathrooms every week, week and a half. I only clean the (tiled) ceilings a few times a year though, and that's more because I think I "probably should be cleaning them," not because they appear to need it.

The ceiling over the shower is probably at 7' or so (?)--we had to keep a soffit over the shower for pipes/plumbing. The ceilings over the tubs are at 8' (same height as the ceilings in the bathrooms). It makes it feel spacious, and airy in the tubs, even with the use of shower curtains. Love the openness above!

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Thank you catmom for your feedback . My contractor was here today and we agreed on placing the shower head at 7 feet and the tile at 7.5 feet.

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