Central Vac HAH 40' vs 50' difference?

andi_kApril 1, 2012

We are planning our Central Vac details now, and the CV guy has 1 30' and 1 40' on my 2nd level. But, I would be fine to go with just 1 50' and still be able to reach everywhere easily.

Anyone that has a 50' (or longer?)...is there a difference in power/suction or anything else that would deter you from just going with the 1 50'? It will be less expensive to do this and I think more convenient to have 1 instead of 2.


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I have one outlet with a 60' hose. There is plenty of suction (too much, probably.) The installer/purchaser should buy an appropriate vacuum system that has enough power.

One or two outlets depends on your floor plan.

The central location for out outlet was our kitchen, which was perfect. (That is where I need to use it most often.)

I wouldn't want to pull out two different hoses to be able to clean my entire floor.... and I wouldn't want to need to move around attachments to the different outlets (or have two sets of attachments.)

I think if everything can be reached within 50-60' easily, there is no reason to do two outlets....

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We have 3 outlets as our house is two story and very long. It would be more convenient if one hose would reach everywhere. If you can reach to the furthest corners, including ceilings and around any likely obstructions such as beds etc., with one hose then you are lucky and I would say go for it. Just make sure, as lolauren said, that the unit has sufficient power for the length of your hose.

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Thanks for the feedback! My CV guy says I actually need the 60' for our upstairs, which I think we'll do.

What vacuum systems do you both have? My CV guy is recommending the Honeywell H902 bc of the 60' hose/suction needed. Thoughts?

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I asked this on another thread about CV systems, but what do you all estimate the cost to instal one of them in a two story 3200 sq ft house. Or better yet what do you estimate your costs at for your sq footage?
Thanks a bunch!

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It depends on how many outlets you end up with and the vacuum motor you go with. We'll have one in the basement (50ft), 2 on the first floor (both 40ft) and 1 on the 2nd floor (60ft). We also have 2 dustpans - one in kitchen and one in mudroom. And, we are going with the Honeywell H902 vacuum.

For everything including installation, etc. it's about $4200. Our house is 5000 sq ft, but the difference $ in hose lengths is negligible, imo.

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Andi, sorry I didn't see your question immediately. Mine is a Dirt Devil 799E Platinum Force. It has plenty of power/suction. I talked to two different Central Vac reps during my build (who were working on my house for other things.) They both recommended different brands... and I have a feeling it was just the brands they were used to.

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I missed it too! Our CV is an Imperium. We purchased the parts for our system from Central Vacuum Stores and installed the system ourselves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Central Vacuum Stores

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Great, thanks for the info!!!

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I am looking into the HAH central vac and have a 2-story house. I've determined that a 50-ft hose on each floor will reach all corners of the house fine. The dealer I am speaking to is discouraging me from using a 50-ft HAH on the 2nd floor as he thinks I will not be happy with pulling 50 ft of hose up out of the outlet (pipe will be run from the floor beneath). Instead he wants to install a 30-ft HAH and a 40-ft HAH. The 40-ft he can run from the ceiling (not enough room to run the 50-ft from the ceiling).

Can anyone who has a 50-ft or 60-ft HAH on their 2nd floor comment on the dealer's concerns? I don't think this will be a problem for me, but he feels so strongly about it he says he won't install it with one hose on the 2nd floor.

I've never had nor used a central vacuum at all before so I'm flying blind here. His store is 45 minutes away but he is strongly advising I go there so he can demonstrate what he is trying to warn me about. I believe he is honestly just trying to help me - but it costs $700 more in his preferred configuration, plus I'll be shuffling tools around between the 2 upstairs HAH's to get cleaning done.

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At some point you do reach a point of diminishing returns on the length of the hose.... 50' is an awful lot. I'd make the 45 minute trip and talk to the guy and see his demo since you're new to CVs.
I will caution you to be sure that you can really reach everywhere with your single 50' length. You'll be going around furniture, and occasionally working without an end attachment, reaching up to vac curtains for example in a far corner of the room.
I've never had a HAH (prefer the old fashioned CV with a power beater myself) so I'm only talking generalities. You'll love having a CV!!

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Are you saying the outlet will be low to the ground? I think that would be slightly inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as pulling out two different hoses to vacuum the second floor (Also, hooking up the different attachments multiple times would be annoying.)

I don't think 45 minutes is very far to understand this yourself. You'll have to weigh the options to decide which is more of a burden to you..... I'm not really sure why he wouldn't install only one hose........ unless there is something else we are not understanding about your particular set up?

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kim545 - it may help some of the people here give you advice if you were to post a picture of your floor plan.

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I also think it would be worth a 45 mins journey, in fact that is the distance I initially traveled to see the Hide A Hose in action.
I am wondering if the issue is the difficulty of finding enough space for the 50' hose 'garage'. Each hose has to have its own piping inside the walls or ceilings. The length of the pipe is very slightly longer than the length of the hose. The pipe may have to have twists and turns to accommodate the length of the hose. An installer may be unable to find the space (or in some cases may be unwilling to do the extra work to find a solution ).
We have a 50' hose on the second floor. It works perfectly and the length is no problem at all. Your CV motor simply has to be powerful enough to do the job.
Our outlets are at chest height. I can't imagine them anywhere else.
Lolauren is right - if you can reach everywhere including the furthest ceiling, taking into account any possible deviations around furniture etc. with one 50' hose then that is definitely the way I would go.

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I've attached the 2nd floor of our house plans. I want to put the 50' HAH outside the GAMES closet in the center and the contractor did say he could get to it. He wants to put the 40' HAH outside the Laundry Room, and the 30' HAH in our Master Bath against the closet wall.

I'm not sure what height he'd put the outlet if the pipe is coming from below - I guess the lower electrical outlet height as HAH recommends. There is not enough room to run the 50' pipe above... but I just have a hard time believing that I will struggle with a 50' hose as opposed to a 30' hose.

Ordinarily, I would be at the contractor's shop the same day he suggested it, but my in-laws arrived tonight (and I've been cleaning our house and garage out in anticipation of their arrival). I also have a meeting with my builder tomorrow morning and a work meeting at noon. Plus, the general running around of my kids for summer activities... I'm having a hard time scheduling this vacuum visit into my schedule! LOL

One other thing - the power units he recommends are Beam, or CycloVac for a $200 upgrade. Any comments one way or another on these units? I had another contractor want to put a Simplicity with the HAH - but it had 570 watts and I'm afraid that may not be powerful enough. He had never done the HAH but was game to try and it did have a lifetime warranty which was very enticing... I'm just afraid since he's never installed HAH before (but 20+ yrs installing CV).

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