Black or dark marks in toilet bowl

peabody1September 18, 2008

Inside my toilet bowl there are dark marks. You know... when you flush the water comes out of those little holes around the rim and flows down the inside of the bowl. Well, you can see the waters path. I have cleaned with Lysol Cling and scrubbed. I've tried bleach. I've taken a softscrub product and a green scouring pad that doesn't scratch and used a lot of elbow grease, but you can still see where the waters pathway is. By the way, the toilet is not leaking. We were gone for a little over a week and noticed this when we got back. Can't seem to get rid of it. By the way, the water is filtered twice before entering the house and we also have a water softener. Suggestions?

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Try a pumice stick.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pumi Heavy Duty Scouring Stick

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A black emery board nail file works for me. It has to be the black coarse one. Keep it wet and scrub away....

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I found a good-sized pumice stone in the nail/manicure section of my local drugstore.

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There are cleaners that work magic on that. Watkins makes one (haven't tried the Watkins, but was told it is great). I use Phos-20 which I guarantee you works. All you need is your this stuff and your toilet brush. I am sure the link below would be for the same cleaner I use but a diff mfgr. I cannot find the one I use online. I buy it thru a contact.

Here is a link that might be useful: cleaner

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