Please help me finalize my cooking zone

strayerApril 10, 2013

Hello, we are remodeling our kitchen. We have a fairly good sized kitchen to work with, and the plan is almost done. But I need some advice about the cooking zones. I feel confident picking brands and things like gas vs. induction, but I need advice on the layout and ergonomics.

In the layout we have the ability to put something in a range-type area and a space that is a double-wall oven-type area.

Which is better??:
- double wall ovens, warming drawer below on one wall...and a cooktop with speed oven installed underneath it on the other wall.
- or -
- single wall oven, warming drawer below with speed oven installed over it on one wall...and a range on the other wall.

Either choice will give me 2 big ovens, a warming drawer, a cooktop and micro/speed oven.

I want to know ergonomically which is better. Will the range be hot on my legs if I'm standing there using the top only? Will I hate bending down for the range oven, or for the speed oven if it's installed below? And operationally is it important to separate the ovens rather than doing a double?

How I cook now: I cook from scratch daily for my family of 8, also for monthly or so extended family gatherings of about 25 people, and then about twice a year it will be a big gathering of 60 or so. Warming is a big wish of mine for regular family meals and for holiday entertaining.

Currently I use the cooktop most (daily), followed by the ovens (one oven almost daily, two ovens about once or twice a week), and I use the microwave to steam veggies or defrost things. Since I don't have a warming oven, I am always using the microwave to re-zap things at the last minute.

I don't have a speed oven right now but think I might want one to replace the microwave and provide another cooking/warming place.


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For layout, a clear, easy-to-read floorplan is best to post oer on the Kitchens forum where they work it more than you might even like.

Conceptually, though, you want each cooking zone to be in relation to a sink and refrigeration with careful attention to work paths. And if traffic choke points can be avoided that's best. Wide aisles and a careful look at what pulls out where, what's opposite what and how things are placed to optimize the way you work in the kitchen are key.

Everyone is a bit different in their approach so it's hard to tell anyone what's right or wrong.

Saw the other thread on the warming drawer. I had a warming drawer years ago but I didn't like it enough to include it in either of the two subsequent kitchens. I don't find those drawers efficient to use. But I have a wall oven where I can do double or triple racks (depending on height). It has proofing settings so for warming it can set at 110F or 125 F and up to 225 as needed.

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