Adopting my extension hose to a Dyson 41

harry_wildSeptember 26, 2012

I been using the new Dyson 41 for a couple of days now and I want to see if anyone has done a custom extension hose out of different vacuum hoses to fit a Dyson 41.

I current have a 12 foot long recoiled section that was created with three previous vacuums - might be 25 foot full extended. I created it just by tape the ends togethers and it worked out! With the Dyson it has complete different adopters.

I have purchased a kit that has a 12" Dyson extension hose included and thinking of cutting in half and then taping the ends to the ends in my current 12 foot hose.

What do you think?

I know on ebay that you can buy an adopter for one end that fits the machine but nothing on the other end for the accessories.


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Why do you want such a long hose?

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I connect two hoses together when I do the RV. However this is pulling from an in house vac. And I do notice a loss of power, but still it does a better job than the little vac that is stored in the RV.

I wonder if you are going to have much in the way of suction with such a long hose. You would be better to use your regular hose length and just use a long extension cord for the power.

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