OT- an update on Lola the Pom (w/pics)

milosmom_gwJune 25, 2012

Well , yes , I do rule with an iron paw if you really want to know.

My new favorite place to hide is behind the pedestal to the new table the servant lady drove half a day to get. It's big , I fit behind it and it's perfectly suited for such use to unsuspecting prey.... here kitty kitty kitty!!

I'll come out when I get good n ready,in the meantime there is an airvent right next to me that has my name on it. Pry me out if you dare.....

Ah yes, I am more than words can say. (Even the ones the lady servant used when I chased her through the house trying to bite her for brushing out my hair.)

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Whatever Lola wants Lola gets!!
She might be small but she's mighty!!
It seems she has taken over..I mean adjusted to her new home very well.

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Marlene Kindred

She is adorable! And yes, with a name like Lola, she will be queen!

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Ahhhh...such a sweet face, Lola...you are loved. Jeanne S.

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She looks so at home and happy.
Guess your not the only one who's
enjoying the new table. Thanks
for updating us. Yes Nana, I
think your right, Whatever Lola
wants Lola gets!!


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What a cutie, and she sounds like a real pistol. LOL. She is so lucky to have you!

hugs, Karen

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