Another Magic Eraser Testimonial.........

bud_wiSeptember 26, 2006

There is a new product out that is a Magic Eraser *floor mop*.

They had them for $4.99 at the local grocery and I thought "What the heck, it's only five bucks if it doesn't work"

I know the sponges have been talked about in this forum before. I've already read about the wonderful things that Magic Eraser sponge does, but never tried it. The mop has the white magic cleaner attached to a regular blue sponge that picks up extra water.

I bought a house with a grimey white bathtub and tried EVERYTHING. I tired filling it with bleach and letting it soak for two days. I tried Tide. Borax. Lime-A-Way. You name it.

Nothing took out the grey dirt. It had rings.

I had started to shop for a new tub.

On a lark I used the new Magic Eraser mop on the tub and WOW.

It is sparkling white. Looks brand new. Amazing.

I am worried about the chemicals the Magic Eraser has in it as I have read that they might be quite dangerous. But if I only use it once or twice a year I limit my exposure. I won't use it weekly.

I also go carried away cleaning and did my walls with it. Amazing. Using the Magic Eraser *mop* made cleaning the walls a breeze. I was done with the whole house in an hour and a half. Try THAT with a mop and bucket and a regular drippy sponge!

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I second your endorsement.
I don't believe there are "chemicals" in a magic eraser...I believe the magic is a very fine abrasive.
Linda C

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Yes, there are no "added" chemicals like soap or detergent but many people are worried about the outgassing of formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer. That's what the Magic Eraser is.

Some believe that it can degrade into formaldehyde. The formaldehyde resins break down slowly over time and release formaldehyde. This is why plywood and DMF cause so many symptoms.

The bisulfite part of the resin is very likely to release sulfur dioxide which is an irritant and sensitizer.

The product changes with the addition of water and may create something weird. When sodium or potassium bisulfite is mixed with water, it liberates sulfur dioxide gas.

If you look at the P&G disclaimer regarding formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer, you can see that they seem to be wording it veeeery carefuly. It make me wonder............... But, then again, it may be no worse than bleach fumes either.

This is what Mr Clean says:

Some people are reporting that the sponge dries out their skin but then again so does bleach.......

I think the Magic Eraser should be treated just like any other hazardous household product.

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Sorry if this posts twice.

Here is the myth buster story on it from They always have the info on the story of the day

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the tip about the new sponge. We haven't seen it in the stores here on the island yet, but will be on the look-out! I just love magic eraser and have no trouble with using it at all.

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Yeah, I should have posted the Snopes article link also in my first post. The site has posted the generated response that P&G sends out to the consumers who inquire about the saftey of the product. It does not address the issue of outgassing. They sort of walk around the whole issue. That makes me very suspicious.

They keep emphasizing that the product does not *contain* formaldehyde but do not say anything to assure the consumer that the products does not *degrade* into it's componants or into something entirely different.

I'm sure everyone can remember from chemistry class how the addition of something simple like *water* to a simple compound can create something, or maybe two or three things, that are entirely different. Formaldehyde itself is produced by a catalytic oxidation.

Even the addition of *heat* to a compound can change it - even heat from friction. So can sunlight...... If I leave my Magic Sponge on the window sill above the sink, is the sunlight going to cause it to release gases.

There is not a lot of info out there on formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer so I absolutly do not know anything _for sure_ about it.

BUT, I do not trust the Big Corporations "announcments" about the saftey of their products. We have all been fooled in the past. Being an 'oldster' I remember how back in the 50's - 60's we were being told that cigarette smoking was COMPLETELY HARMLESS. Cigarette companies even got medical doctors to appear in their commercials to endose their product and dispell the "myth" about the damgers of cigarette smoking. One company even developed 'harmless' *asbestos* cigarette filters.

I just am not going to take P&G's "word for it" about a product that is making them tens of MILLIONS of dollars per year. I want to see Snopes publish something from another source other than that of the maufacturer of the product.

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Because of you guys and gals I bought some Mr Clean Magic Sponges today. Tried it on my sink with pot scratches and I'm left wondering what the hubbub is about? Just what do these things work on?

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After P&G stated that there is NO formaldehyde in Magic Erasers, they went on to say this:

"It is possible that formaldehyde may be present in minute, trace amounts as a result of the manufacturing process. Even then, the amount present is significantly lower than standards established by governmental agencies and trade associations, and is actually less than what is found in indoor air."

First they say it isn't there, then they qualify it! Any time I hear that type of explanation from a huge Corp. such as this, it raises a lot of flags for me! Also, I am more afraid of the things they are not REQUIRED to put on the label, than the things actually on it!!

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dchall wrote: Because of you guys and gals I bought some Mr Clean Magic Sponges today. Tried it on my sink with pot scratches and I'm left wondering what the hubbub is about? Just what do these things work on?

I've had good results using them on scuff marks on painted walls. The scuffs "magically" disappear. :)

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laura1202: Thanks that was the kick start I needed. We have a white kitchen with white walls, so there is plenty of square footage that can be cleaned at any moment. Last night I tried it on the door handle on the refrigerator. Zowie! I wiped the brown scum from the inside of my wife's coffee pot in about 2 strokes. It took the calcium deposits off, too. Then I tried cleaning the wooden cutting board with great results. I still need to bleach the board, but it proved a point. I also used it on the grout next to the sink and it whitened up in a couple strokes. Finger prints around the light switches are gone. Finger prints at the cupboard and drawer handles are gone. I'd call it a time saver.

Tonight I'm going to attack my car including the windshield. Thanks for the tip!!

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please post the results of the windshield cleaning -- we have used all sorts of products on the inside of our windshield to remove the film but so far, nothing but smears

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Or, you could try a safer cleaning product like Number 0 Steel Wool. Fewer side effects.

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I saw the Magic Eraser floor mop but are you suppose to wash your floors with this mop? If you do, doesn't it leave the floor surface dull? I love the erasers and use them all the time even though they don't last too long. I'll try anything once I just need some more testimonials regarding this new mop.

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