Came Home w/Dollbaby's Sister

phonegirlJune 4, 2011

Went to a ys today and this little adorable girl was looking up at us and DH and I melted and brought her home. I named her "Monatna Jean" after DM and sat her in DM's glider.

Here's a close up. Would of you been able to leave her behind? I was telling DH on the way home tonight about Jeanne's Dollbaby and he said he thinks his DM still has their old wooden high chair up in the top of her garage. Don't know if we will go there.

Picked up other things too. The set of Pfaltzgraff dishes still have the tags on them and were $12. I thought they were red, wht and navy blue and would be nice for July 4th ts but after getting them home, they are black. The little bird and snowman tray were .25 ea.

Bought a few other dishes. The Home Trends were .75 for the 6 salad plates and the Pfaltzgraff Heirloom were .25 for the dinner plates. Picked up some Eggs for next spring and some leaf plates for fall. I had 6 crystal vases but took one out of the box to photograph and broke it!Oh man, and they were a steal!!! Another fun shopping/work day.

Punk - who's been doing to much shopping lately.....

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Oh boy, oh boy! Hi Montana Jean! Welcome to this crazy Holiday Forum! You & I are going to have so much fun tog! We can giggle at the fun these "Holiday-ers" have when they want to share!

Maybe we can even pretend like we're twins! I see you're a 'blondie' ...I'm a 'brunette' blondes really have more fun! I know the lady you live with has a 'cheerleader blonde' personality...she will have you looking real 'chick!'

Here's my summer pic from last yr ... I wanted a pet & the lady I live with brought me home a 'golden mouse!' Fun, uh? Well, I hope you find that high will be fun sharing stories (& giggles)! You look pretty sitting in that glider, too!

Don't ya love it when "they" buy more dishes & holiday stuff! Fun! Fun! I'm liking the finds on this post! Great bargains $$$! Well, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other! Hugs to you, 'tana Jean!' Dollbaby

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Dollbaby, we could be twins! The lady I live with said it's time for bed so she found one of DGD baby's pjs and it fit or I would be sleeping in my dress tonight. She really has alot to learn.

I was jealous of your new pet so she found me a dog so I have a pet now too. I'm going to let it sleep with me tonight so I won't get scared. Sweet Dreams Dollybaby.

You can call me TJ for short, I like that!

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Punk, what a beautiful little girl...those eyes! They'd melt any heart. Who could resist her! And she looks so cute in her pj's with her new puppy.
What fun, now Dollbaby has a big sister! This summer on the Forum might not be so slow afterall. LOL.

And you sure found a LOT of other goodies. I spotted the adorable Cherub right away. Lots of dishes. You hit another jackpot. Even Easter Eggs. LOL. Way to go, sneak that holiday stuff in. I love it.

hugs, Karen

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Punk and Jeanne, TJ and Dollbaby are precious. Look forward to seeing more of them.

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Punk, TJ is absolutely adorable. She is going to have so much fun HELPING you with tablescaping.
You found some great things, I really like the dishes with the blue border,and the cherub.
Jeanne, Dollbaby must be so excited to have someone to talk to about all of her goodies.
These little sweethearts are lucky to have such great Moms.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of the girls!

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LOL this morning! Can't believe we have talkin' dolls here now on the Holiday Forum! Giggle, Giggle. And TJ's jammies are so cute! I'm sure your DGD is going to enjoy shoppin' & decoratin' w/TJ, too!

punk...what a haul you made...those new RW&Black dishes will be fun to'll be able to accessorize those for holiday decor! A great bargain $$$!

Am lovin' the other plates, too...those scalloped ones w/the dainty design look like they will be great for "stacking placesettings"...very pretty! And the other set looks very Springy/Summery!

Flower vases...angel, made a haul! TFS! Jeanne S.

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How fun! Love that you found a "sister" for Dollbaby--and even your DH was in favor of bringing her home! Neat that you had the pjs for her too, your little GD will get a kick out of that!

Lots of other neat stuff too. Sorry the plates weren't what you expected, but you can do some pretty tables with red/wht/blk too. I like the scallops on the other set, like Jeanne said, good for your stacked arrangements. And Easter eggs too? Gotta get those bargains when you find them. Sorry about your vase breaking, at least you have more.


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Karen, I can't believe I'm back to playing with dolls w/o DGD! TJ will be staying in her pjs while I get some things done around here today. I'm not ready to be a full time mommy again.LOL

The little cherub was only a quarter so couldn't pass it up. The eggs are new and still have the price tag of 9.99 on them. Can always use more eggs for spring and Easter decor. I hope the girls will help keep this forum livelier this summer.

Marylee, I'm sure you'll get to see more of the girls. Jeanne will keep me going on that one I'm sure.LOL

Nana, I need to find a place to store all these new dishes. I'm sure TJ will be alot of help with my ts.haha

Jeanne, you are taking me back to my childhood for sure playing with these kids. I've heard this happens as one ages. Dollbaby will be invited to a BDay party this month for DGD.

I bought the Heirloom plates to go with some others I had bought at Ross or TJ Maxx so hope they work. They have lillies on them and are off wht and gray. Now that it's time to put all of this away, I'm not sure it was the right thing to do.LOL

Luvs, I may try and use these new dishes for my ts on the 4th depending on what it looks like since the salad plates have the red band. I've really gotten into stacking so it's fun to have more choices for my tables.

It was a bummer to break that vase but you're right, I still have 5 to use. I think they would be neat with some flower stems added for the center of one of my ts. I want to start planning for DGD BDay with all the cute dishes they bought me last year. I have till June 18 but you know how time flies.

I best get off here and get some things done. It's beautiful here and that helps to motivate me . Thanks again for all your fun comments. Who'd a thought we would be having so much fun with dolls at our ages.Teehee


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She is so cute! And I love your other finds too! Good picking!

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TJ is just precious. I love the red and black dishes, I can see lots of great tablescapes. Also, those blue flowery plates are very, very pretty. I've made myself stay out of the TS lately. I can't justify more dishes when I haven't even done any tables lately, not to mention the storage. But it sure is fun seeing your great buys. You and Jeanne are making me want to drag out the remainder of my doll collection from years ago.

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I'm still laughing that I never really liked dolls when I was a little girl, and here I am now in my 60s and loving TWO of them. What fun they are tho.

Punk, don't let your precious little DGD steal TJ and take her home. We NEED her here. LOL. Have fun explaining why grandmas need a doll to her! Especially if her own Mommy is rolling her eyes. LOL

hugs, Karen

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Boy oh Boy Punk, I can see all the Fun times ahead for you and Jeanne with your 'little baby girls'.
Your new little one is adorable and so lifelike...especially her eyes.

You found so many great dishes at amazing prices.
I like the pretty ones with the little flowers.. and also the red & black ones.
You take great 'TS Breaks'..better than coffee!!


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Thanks for your comments, Kathleen. I watch Pickers on TV and laughed when reading your comment. Maybe I need to open another business.haha

Frou, when it's yard sale time, I don't go to the stores because I can always find items so much cheaper at these sales.

I'd love to see your doll collection. Come out and play with Dollbaby and TJ any time. Sorry to hear you've already gotten rid of some of your collection.

Karen, I'm so tickled that you are lovin' the girls. I never thought I would fall in love with dolls at this age either. I only had a few growing up and would of never taken them horseback riding with me.

I just done a search on TJ and found out she could be expensive to replace so DGD won't be getting her right away. She is by Theresa Lobue and numbered 0252 of 2000. There is a beautiful bride on etsy right now for sale. Here is a link

Maybe you can find one while shopping! I seen a little boy while browsing on TL site that could be a fun mate. Maybe we'll end up with a whole family on here one day.

Jane, now I know why Jeanne is such a good mommy. Every time I look at her it's like she's ready to say something.LOL Did you notice she even has freckles? There is a lady here in town who makes these dolls and I remember them being beautiful.

If I didn't work and have such a big yard to care for, I would shop till I dropped on Fri and Sat. I really need to see if I can bring in my lg cabinets to the garage and fill them up.

Oh what fun it is to play house with all of you.


Here is a link that might be useful: summer pocelain doll

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Punk, occasionally I see vintage dolls in my favorite antique mall, and they are very expensive. Tho I've yet to see any as pretty and realistic as TJ and Dollbaby. (I might be in trouble if I do tho, LOL)

hugs, Karen

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