How to advertise for house cleaning and how much ?

bookertSeptember 29, 2008


I've cleaned houses for several customers and after I get them deep cleaned they no longer need my services.

I'm wondering how others advertise their services and also how do you know how much to charge?

I tend to be overly thorough thus putting myself out of business as the homeowners can then keep the house up themselves! =)

There are so many ads for housecleaning that I wonder if there's a better way to word the ad or ??

I use my own supplies including vacuum and mops (I disinfect and sun dry them to kill kooties).

What would you charge for cleaning a huge 5 bed/4 bath 2 story home 2x month?? (approx. 4500 sq. ft + )this includes ironing duties.

Thanks for your help, I work alone so my jobs take me longer than working in a team of course.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

Please share your tools of the trade that you MUST have!


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