Samsung Induction Range NE599 review

adrew538April 11, 2013

Samsung Induction Range NE599 review

I have been using a portable induction cooktop for two years. It has a "cooking time control" fuction. I like those fuctions very much. I was thinking to switch my convectional range to an induction range if it has cooking time control function.
Recently, Sears reduced the price of Samsung NE599 induction range. I went to the Sears store twice to check the features of this range. The sales indicated the range has "Cooking time control" function because, on the middle of the NE599 control panel, there is a "Cooking Time" touch spot. The "Cooking Time" function is just what I want, plus there is a "Delay Start" function. It looks like a very good deal.

However, I was misled by the sales people and the control panel display. After receiving the NE599 I purchased, I started to test the function. I was shocked because there is no "Cooking Time" control for the induction cooking top! the "Cooking Time" control function is just for convectional baking oven only! What a joke! If the function is only for the baking oven, why the display is not "Baking Time"? I can't believe the $2199 priced range dose not have a function what a $79 priced portable one has!

Pro: Induction heating quickly, delay+cooking time function for baking oven.
Con: easy scratched cooking top glass, no cooking time control for Induction cooking zone, clock display too small

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adrew538: "Con: easy scratched cooking top glass ..."

Is the "glass" not Schott Ceran?
[mind boggled]

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Thanks for the review.

Sad you did not get the "real timers" for the cook top portion of it that you wanted,

Most induction cook tops, even some of the "fancy ones" do not have "real timers" for the hobs. I Believe, only Miele and Bosch have them, (Maybe Thermador) but would need to see a poster who has a Thermador .

Probably most folks , like us, would never use the timers, and in fact we had a Caldera cook top that had real timers, Wife never used----she said too many buttons to push!

But there are Folks like you that want the real timers, I know of no such Induction range right now. I believe Luv2putt paid over $7000 for his Beautiful Viking Range, and I would bet money it does not have the timers----so things could be worse, (5 Grand Worse)!!!!!

We do hope you enjoy your induction as much as most of the rest of us do here in Garden Webb, Timers or Not.


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Gary: the manual for the VIking Induction has no mention of any kind of timers at all.


this won't help you now, but use and care manuals are often available on line. Something to bear in mind the next time you go shopping for an appliance.

When I went stove shopping last fall, my research confirmed what Gary said about induction ranges in the North American market not having control timers for cooktop burners. Those functions are available only on some cooktop units.

This leads to a couple of questions. My recollection on the NE599 has Samsung's partionable oven which, as I understand it, allows you to divide the oven into separate compartments that bake at different temperatures. Have you tired this yet and can you report on it?

When I was stove shopping last fall, I looked pretty hard at next model down, the NE597NOPBSR. (AFAIK, the NE599 is not available on this side of the border). As far as I could tell, the main difference between the NE599 and the NE597 is that the NE599 has the ability to split the oven into two separate compartments while the NE 597 has a three-convection fan arrangement. I believe that both the NE599 and NE597 have the same "flex zone" on the cooktop, which IIRC, allows you to link the two rectangular burners together as single large (some would say, bridged) element. Seemed like it would be useful for rectangular pancake griddles and maybe very large stockpots and canning kettles.

So, have you tried the flex-zone with+ a griddle?

Have you been able to find out how flex zone work with large pots, say a 12" or 13" diameter stockpot or canning kettle? Does a 12" stockpot cover enugh of the flex zone surface to activate it?

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adrew538: I am interested in JW's qquestion on the flex-zone with griddle. Any experience with that you could share? I am debating between gas with 5th burner for griddle use and this induction range.


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