Cleaning construction dust?

lmhartmanSeptember 17, 2008

We moved into this (new construction) house 6 weeks ago. Our garage is in our basement and is very large. Eventually we plan on adding a room in it while still maintaining room for both our cars. Right now that additional space (approximately 14x20) is being used for storage of things that we still need to pare down.

We got the keys only a day before we moved in. We swept the floor in the garage well prior to moving in (not realizing how bad the dust issue was), and have swept it twice weekly since then. This past weekend we used a shop vac on the whole space. It STILL has a lot of very fine construction dust which gets tracked into the house (and yes, we do remove our shoes when coming in).

The concrete in the garage is slightly pitted rather than smooth, and I think that's the problem, we just cannot get all the dust out of it.

Removing everything from the garage and hosing it down is not an option we really want to explore. We'd have to rent a storage unit to move everything into until the garage/basement dried out.

My next step it to try mopping the entire thing, but I'm afraid I'm just going to make a big mess and that the mop won't pick up the dust.

If this was you, what would you do? Thanks in advance!

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We had a similar problem when we had our wood floors sanded. First, sweep up as much as you can. Next go over everything with a damp sponge, and throw the sponges out when they are full of dust. they can't be cleaned or recycled. Been there, done that.

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Get your heat/a/c ducts professionally cleaned. That helps alot, as well.

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Seal it! There are many products. I'm sure that your local stores carry some.

Here is a link that might be useful: Don Aslett's Concrete Sealer

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In my opinion, vacuuming will pick up as much dust as mopping and is far easier. I agree that you need to seal the concrete.

Move everything to one side and seal/paint the empty half. Wait until it dries, then reverse. Use a paint roller on a long handle to save your back.

We primed and painted our basement, and it made a huge difference.

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Thanks so much, after reading about sealing it sounds like that's the issue. So, looks like we've got a new project to keep us busy! Thanks again for your help!

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Just took my vacuum in for service. I mentioned that our house was being remodeled. The repair folks, said that under no circumstances should I use my regular vacuum to clean up construction dust. The said that the drywall particles are so fine that they would ruin the fan & motor of my good vacuum. They suggested using a ShopVac, because the filter is designed for such things. For stuff that would be easier to clean with an upright, I bought a $40 dollar vacuum from WalMart, and decided to use it as a "throwaway". So far so good!

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rent a rug doctor, work great for cleaning concrete floors

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