Hair on Fleece Blankets

batmikSeptember 3, 2006

We have several fleece type blankets that we keep to cover up while reading or watching TV. They have hair on them from the various family member. Washing doesn't get it all off. I have tried the tape roller wands and it works okay but takes a lot of strips. I have also tried vacuuming. Any other tips

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Put them in the dryer on low heat with two dryer sheets. Works for me. nt

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Thanks for the tip. I tried it but it didn't help. I didn't wash the blankets I just put them in the dryer with the dryer sheets. Washing hasn't really helped in the past. Those darn little fleece fibers just get a good grip on the hair and they won't let go.

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I gave up on fleece. Just buy yourself some nice cotton knit throws and use the fleece blankies for pet bedding.

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I gave up on fleece too - I know people love that it's cuddly, but I find that it feels sweaty, due to the manmade fibers.

As for releasing the pet hair, you must wash first. This will remove much of it. Then dry with dryer softener sheets. This will break the static bond between the fleece and the hairs. It won't work if you simply throw it into the dryer, softener sheets or not. I also throw a towel or two into the washer with the fleece, because the friction can help release the hair.

But, seriously, get a fabric that will release the hair, and you'll be happier.

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I have 3 long haired cats and 3 females in the house with long hair and I use fleece throw blankets. The best way to wipe hair is with a special pet sponge. You can buy them at Petsmart or probably any pet store. I'll wipe my chenille couches even though it looks like nothing is there and it picks up big globs of hair.

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I just ran into this today...I tossed one of those fleece throws into the dryer with a dryer sheet and a couple of wool throws and got a static mess. Knowing that wet hands will reduce static, I rubbed the fleece throw with wet hands--and got a handful of dog hair. So, i used wet hands to wipe down the throw, and voila! no pet hair.

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