Miele Speed ovens vs toaster/convection ovens?

homeimprovementmomApril 27, 2013

I am really trying to find something that will reduce the appliance footprint in my kitchen. I would like to find a microwave that convect and broils with an infrared broiler or other type of broiler that actually broils. I have read the halogen broiler isn't great. Dh wants to broil fish and our gas range does not have a broiler.

If not a microwave with a decent broiler...anyone use a toaster/convection oven that does a decent job of fast heat up/cook and crisp well enough to not buy a microwave?

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Some folks like the Breville - it is a small countertop oven that broils and is not a MW.
I have its "sister" - the DeLonghi - I still put in a speed oven but went with the GE Advantium. I kept the DL and it is in my pantry - I used it last night for appetizers.

I have not broiled in my Speed oven - but did see a demo that was pretty good

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We installed a Miele Speedoven in 2012 and have no regrets. It is in a wall cabinet at counter height and is used
all the time. It heats up very fast for baking allowing us not to use our 36" oven when not needed. It microwaves, bakes, and broils with all types of combinations of those heating choices. The drawbacks are the price and you need a 220v line to power it. The quality is excellent and have not seen another oven that can do what this does.

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