I am looking for a couple of toxic items. Nasty stuff anyway.

albert_135September 10, 2010

I am looking for a couple of nasty, toxic items.

I want to find some phosphoric acid to make a custom fertilizer.

I want some sulfuric acid to treat some cantankerous native grass seed.

I once worked in a laboratory where these items were commonplace and handled them daily. Both items could once be found in the cleaning sections of hardware stores. I haven't seen them in recent years. Any suggestions?

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Phosphoric acid is used as a rust inhibitor. Check the paint removal section at Home Depot. I think naval jelly is phosphoric acid, but I guess a gel version isn't going to work for your purposes.

Sulfuric acid is used in swimming pool maintenance, so try a place that sells pool chemicals. It sounds like overkill for grass, however.

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Perhaps it's today's significance but there are quite a few products regulated nowadays that weren't before.

I'm sure the folks at any home improvement center will know why they aren't on the shelves -- low sales or otherwise.

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