help cleaning a brick home

chamakitoSeptember 24, 2009

hi, we recently purchase a house that was built 1920's 3 story 2 family with a exterior brick that i want to clean but I'm concern about the right treat for the brick. the front of the house is really nice condition but the side and the back they just look really ugly and dirty with some green mold, we are in a budget and i read over forums people saying powerwash, sandblast and i don't know what to do, im really good with doing it myself and renting the right equipment any help will be much appreciated as we are first time home owner. thanks

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I would definitely give it a good power washing. If you don't want to pay a professional to do it (I would consider doing so however, as they should know how much power to use without damaging or breaking up your brick), you should be able to rent a power washer and get some instruction on how to go about using it. We have our own power washer and use it a couple times a year on our patio and once on the house stucco. A first-time cleaning on an older house might take a more professional approach.

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Please do not use a power washer on old brick. It is porous and not made like todays brick and it may crumble. I would use soap and water and a scrub brush. I do recomend you call in the professiomals to clean it though. You won't save much money if you distroy the brick. It shouldn't cost much just for cleaning and then you can paint it yourself

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Try posting this on the Old House forum. I have cleaned wood siding using a $15 hand pump sprayer to apply the cleaner and a scrub brush on a pole.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Old House forum

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thanks for the reply. for obvious reason i think i'm gonna call professionals i don't want mess up the house thanks to all

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