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Supermom74April 11, 2013

In search of a good quality economical hood.
I prefer stainless steel.

Caveliere brand seems to pop up all over the inernet. Anyone have a hood by this company?

Broan makes some nice ones too but are more pricey although some are on sale now.

All leads are appreciated :)

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I was in the same boat and was between Kobe and Caveliere but kept hearing better things about Kobe hoods. Kobe hoods are also some of the quietest out there per CFM. I just got a RA-02 hood for our house that is mid construction. I've pulled it all out and looks extremely well made but can't give a review based on install. Also the hood style I liked from Kobe came with LED lights which I really wanted. I believe the only 2 non-led bulbs in my whole house will be the bulb in the NXR oven and in the inside of microwave.

I believe all the caviliere hoods are top vent only and won't directly go straight back into the wall if venting that way. I ended up doing wall mount the whole way up so either would have worked but with Kobe you can run 4.25"x10" duct work in the wall to vent with too if doing new construction.

I got mine at Build.com and using KOBE10 gave me 10% off. They usually have Caveliere hoods on sale too.

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He-he, I am in the same boat, but dismissed Cavaliere early in the race as they don't seem to have the quality. I went for Kobe (the same RA-02 as it's 24" deep); they will deliver it on Wednesday and I'll install it over the next weekend and hopefully report about it.

What I was looking for was: 36" wide, at least 600CFM (certified by some standards body - Cavaliere did not), baffle filters, reasonably quiet, not too expensive and, very important, deep enough to cover my range (24" or more).

There was only one choice 1 grand or below: the RA02. Zephyr has nice hoods too, but their Venetia model can't use baffles and it's also a little more expensive.

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I am also looking for a good economical hood and it's not easy. Not only do I want it to function well, I also want a nice modern design. :) I was looking at the Faber Stilo 36". like the look and it is 600 cfm, baffle filters and not too loud. Has anyone tested them or even better used them as an owner? They are about 1K at AJMadison so not too bad.

I have also looked at the Spagna Vetro brand, but there is hardly any reviews, but their price is unbelievably good. Kobe seems like a nice hood but they don't have any designs that I'm crazy about. :-(

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Good point gigelus with the hood being 24" deep. I didn't even think about that!!! Now that you pointed that out, I see that a lot of hoods are 20" deep.
The price point on the cavaliere hoods are just so much more reasonable. They also seem to have so many more modern style choices. I like the Kobe model that you mention but It's upwords of 1k. I am trying to stay below $600. I also need 36" wide.
the search continues.......

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So.... in speaking with a friend of mine she made a good point. Do I really want a hood that is 24" deep? Because you don't want to hit your head on it while you are cooking! If the hood is set back a bit, it may be better. Then you won't feel so clusterphobic while cooking.
All food for thought!
No pun intended :)

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How tall are you? A range top is 36" and for example the RA-02 says to mount it 30-36" above the range. Remember to when you talk about the depths of these hoods that on many designs the front area is lights and controls etc and the baffles start several inches behind that....so on a 20" range it might only be 16" depth of coverage with the baffles. Really makes them harder at properly venting and clearing grease from the front burners.

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@supermom: your friend has a good point; I was wondering the same, that's why I quickly made a mock-up just before going out to buy it.

Placed at 31" above the 36" range (my kitchen ceiling is curiously at 97"), it helped "feeling" the actual hood dimensions and I can tell that its size is not going to be an issue whatsoever. BTW, I'm 6'2" tall.

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