Garage Sales ....Heavenly!

jeannespinesJune 5, 2010

DH & I hit the town yearly GS's today...rained hard first so we waited & then we still hit the jackpot on lots of things (at least for me)! Here's my "loot" for just under $10 spent:

Chicken wire basket & great sack of utensils (one's a lemon squeezer...never had one of those)!

Next a couple rattan hot pads (plus 2 crocheted ones not laundry) & a burgandy colored casserole dish plus a bag of RW&B ice cube stars:

But, best of all & one of my 2 fav finds today is the above 50 cts. medium sized casserole dish that sits in a metal "cattail" base (the color is off in this's more burgandy like the first pic above):

And then I found this lovely green bowl (dishwasher safe) & bought it to add to my pottery decor on shelf above sliding glass doors...also 6 blue glass for 5 cts. each (not sure if I like them or not) but for that price, I brought them home! And a white teapot:

The green bowl turned out to be a surprise...a "friendship bowl" with a Maya Angelou verse on it...Maya is one of my fav authors!

But, the white teapot...WOW...that was a's the other fav of the day... 50 cts. & it had this copper pc with it...couldn't figure out why it was on top of the teapot until I washed everything at home & it was lined with a type of felt ...a teapot warmer!

SURPRISE! It's a beautiful pc! (pardon the flash in the pic)...

You'll be seeing some of this GS "heavenly" finds in my t'scapes! TFLooking! Jeanne S. Oh, & I got a couple great Garden Junk items, too!

But, I was so good today...there was a wonderful set of pottery dishes for $35 at one sale...they were handmade & a service for 8, I think...big platters, bowls, just wonderful! I passed them up ...where would I store them in my cupboards??? etc. etc. So, after a few hours at home, I called the lady & said, "did you sell those pottery dishes?" NO! So I'm picking them up tomorrow...will share them later with a t'scape! LOL!

Guess I'm celebrating because I feel so much better..."shingles" are slowly disappearing...still on pain meds but so-so-so much better!

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Woooo Hooo, lots of treasures there. I am especially glad you called that lady and are getting the pottery dishes afterall. I know you love pottery, and it was hard to leave them originally. But I guess they waited for you.
;o) Your teapot with the copper warmer, and the burgundy casserole, are wonderful, but I think your best find was the green pottery friendship bowl. GREAT addition to your special collection. I'm really happy for you.
A super day that is bound to make the shingles pain feel a lot better.

happy hugs,

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You got all that for $10.00! Wow! Love the teapot with it's pretty cover--never seen one like it! The casserole dish is really pretty too and we always need hot pads. The blue glasses might work for a patriotic table along with those cute stars and cubes. Most of all I'm glad you are feeling better and were able to get out for a little shopping. ;o) Luvs

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OK, this afternoon I went & picked up the pottery dishes...they are almond kind of color with an almost olive green trim ...they are wonderful! Not a complete set...and someone has made them...but I bought them anyway for $35. Enough of a set for me ... 7 dinner plates, 6 cups, 1 huge round serving platter & 1 large platter & 1 oblong platter just 1 coffee cup plate (which I don't usually use anyway).

But, I don't know if they are dishwasher safe...they are pottery ...but the bottoms don't have a "glaze" on them like the dinnerware I have bought, i.e., Sonoma. so I'm going to experiment with the coffee cup plate in the dishwasher & see how it goes. Anyone know anything about this? They would have been "fired," of course, in a kiln.

So now I get to do some more "hunting" & find some salad/or soup bowls that will match! Maybe a runner for the table??? LOL! Will share pics when I do a t'scape!
What fun you "enablers" have gifted to me! Jeanne S.

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Oh, and a round veggie bowl! LOL! Can't tell I'm excited to use them, can you! Jeanne S.

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Congrats on finding so many things you've been needing or wanting, Jeanne! Those prices are great! That copper teapot warmer is amazing.

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Jeanne, great finds and your tea pot is my favortie. It's beutiful. Your casserole dish is wonderful too. The prices are above and beyond normal. You have been a busy little girl here lately and I'm so happy for you.


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Thanks for your kind comments, holiday-ers! Yeah, great prices! I also got a big metal tub with handles for garden junk use for $2 & some brown electrical insulators for GJ, too (25 cts. each) Good town sales!

Yes, that teapot was an unusual pc. & the price not marked I asked the lady & she said, "Anything not marked is 50 cts." SOLD! And when I got home & washed things, I just dropped the copper pc in the sudsy water & then saw the felt lining the inside! Figured that out quickly...a "warmer" cover! Never have seen one myself either.

That green "friendship bowl" ..Maya Angelou is so pretty, too...I love it!

Hope you enjoyed my t'scape with the new pottery dishes, too...what fun! Thanks for lookin'!

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What a great deal, love that teapot! And the casserole is cute. The blue glasses are such a pretty color..for 5 cents!! wow!

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