To Bevel or Not?

dljmthApril 29, 2013

We are in the final steps of completing our guest bath/shower. I always assumed I would put in a beveled mirror, but am wondering is it really necessary? Seems like it might distract from the mosaic. Or should I stick with the 1" bevel?

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My personal preference for straight edged mirrors aside, your mosaic just seems to call for straight edges, not bevel.

"Groovy" looking room so far! :)

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Oh man, that is one nice guest bath. It is fabulous.

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A beveled mirror does not suit the style of that bathroom.

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I agree with the others. And if the mirror is going to fill the space, you'd barely notice whether it's beveled or not. We had custom mirrors made to go between upper vanity towers and our mirror guy told us not to bother with a bevel for that reason... he was right.

What a cool room!

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Thanks GWers! No bevel is what I ordered. Now to have them fix the light. Ugh!! They installed it today and it's not centered. Off by 3" and clearly noticeable. Why are these things not obvious? Seems like common sense.

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Re the light not centered, it could be cuz that's where the stud was. The box has to be attached to a stud, was probably easier than putting in the extra work required to center it!

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Good thought. It is new construction so it should have been obvious, especially since when the walls were open I asked them to center it. Ugh. I hate rework. They will have to fix it and replace tile (at their cost). Such a waste :(

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