How do you clean high up outside windows?

oceannaSeptember 15, 2010

Do you have to get on a ladder or do those spray things that attach to your hose work? Or do you use some sort of tool?

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I hire someone.

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I have a really really long extension pole (sold for painting). It is SUCH a pain. I bought a scrubber and squeegee that screw into the pole. But I can't get it perfect with the squeegee, so next time I want to find a way to use microfiber for final buffing. So, I need a microfiber mop head that screws into the standard pole.

There's also a tax credit this year for windows, so I'm thinking of replacing the whole darn things with ones that tilt in for cleaning.

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I got the Windex Outdoor All-in-One and added an extension on it to do my outdoor peak window. It is wonderful! Just get the window wet, wet the pad and scrub away. Then rinse with the hose. I'm very impressed.
For the inside I use a damp microfiber cloth.
Kathy G in MI

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I just did mine last weekend with limited success. I used an extension pole with a microfiber mop (Bona) pad. I sprayed the window down with the cornstarch mixture, used a damp microfiber pad to scrub the windows then replaced the pad with a dry pad and buffed to a shine. The results were okay but I hate being up on the ladder that high, so I didn't get them as nice as I would normally like.

I'd second the suggestion to hire someone to do it, but it can get pricy.

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Thanks, everybody! I used to hire it done, but I'm on a wee fixed income now. I will look into the Windex Outdoor All-in-One -- thanks Kathy!

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So my contractor friend told me that our windows should lift out of the frame. I read the same idea when researching windows (thinking about replacing some while the tax credit is in effect). At first when we tried, the window would shift in the frame but not quite enough to clear it. Finally got one of them out of the frame this morning! So that's a much better solution for my kitchen window I spend so many hours staring out. Lift one sash out, clean it on both sides, and reach out to clean the other sash. With microfiber cloths and Stoner's Invisible Glass!

I've seen the Windex Outdoors product but feared that my hard water would leave spots after rinsing.

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We too have hard water (well water) and haven't had any problem. Of course, I only wash windows with the hose once a year.
I am well aware of the orange rust that can get on things that are hit with the sprinklers time and again. Just drive around my area (everyone has wells) and see the orange stains where the sprinklers have been hitting the house, white picket fence, etc. Not pretty. It even stains brick and grout.
Kathy G in MI

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My husband also uses the Windex Outdoor All in One for our second story windows. It works great!

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"I sprayed the window down with the cornstarch mixture,"

Please explain, I haven't heard of a cornstarch mixture for windows.
Wouldn't that leave white streaks if you missed a spot?


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I don't know why anyone would use cornstarch to clean windows or anything else. It has no cleaning properties to remove oily dirt (most household dirt), could leave a residue, and worst yet leave an organic residue that could provide food/growth medium for who knows what.

Just water and microfiber would be better. Water does nothing to remove oily dirt, but microfiber can remove it mechanically.

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