Removing Tar from Brick

lynnie338September 3, 2010

I have a kitchen that is being remodeled. The kitchen was added on to the back of the main house in the 1930Âs. The back of the main house is made of a beautiful orange and gray brick. The roof of the kitchen part was "sealed" to the main house with tar. The tar is probably 70 years old. I have removed the roof due to leakage and rotten wood and replaced it with a vaulted roof where the brick is exposed inside of the kitchen. However, there is tar on the brick.

How do I get the tar off of the brick?

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This is just a suggestion, try canned air or anything that will freeze the tar, then carefully pop off any large pieces that you can. Then use gasoline on a thick absorbent cloth and dab, do not rub as it will spread the tar. If you decide to try this please be very careful open window and run a fan to dissipate odor and fumes. I have done this outside with very good results! Good luck and please be careful.


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Thanks Red!

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If you have gas appliances make sure all pilot lights are off ! ! As I said before please be careful.


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