How to clean bathroom 'splashing' off marble floor?

sue36September 15, 2006

I can't believe I am asking this, but here goes. We have polished marble in the master bath. There are numerous round stains in the toilet area that I can only guess are the result of DH's midnight bathroom breaks (they are nowhere else in the bathroom). They are not coming up with regular cleaner. He has been reprimanded, but I still need to get the existing stains off. The marble is polished and unsealed (long story, but the grout color is too light, so I am going to stain it, so I have to wait on the sealing). The plan is to get the floor clean and then put one of those toilet-surround rugs in there until I get it sealed.

Any idea on what will remove urine (gag) stains from marble? Homemade, store-bought, I don't care. Thanks for the help.

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I am 99% sure your DH is not missing the target. It is the nature of water to splash when a stream of water hits it from a couple feet up. Try this yourself with a tub of water outside. Put paper towels around the tub and pour a small stream of water into it. The paper towels will show you where the splashes hit.

Having said that, you are still getting a little urine even from the splash. But I would guess more of your problem is just water spots drying on the floor. Do you have hard water? They could be hard water rings. If so, then vinegar would take them off. Of course vinegar also takes the shine off of marble. I won't have marble in the house so I don't know if there is a mildly abrasive marble polish that might help you.

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It's not straight water. We both drip water getting out of the shower and those don't dry as a spot. Our water is softened.

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My husband and sons swear up and down that they never miss, even when walked into the bathroom and shown the incriminating evidence immediately following the crime. It's some sort of male pride thing.

Try making a paste out of OxiClean and softly scrubbing the stains. I see on the OxiClean website they also have a bathroom disinfecting spray which I have never used but claims to clean "floor grime" and is safe on sealed natural stone.

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Be very careful of what you use on marble. Urine is acid and it has etched and dissolved the marble in the spots where it sits. There really is nothing you can do except have it re polished. You should get it sealed (and acid stains will still etch the marble) before letting anyone use the toilet.

The experts on stone are on the the John Bridge Forum. Go there and ask what you can do. They know everything.

Here is a link that might be useful: John Bridge forum

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