porcelain tile floors and icky grout

capecodderSeptember 13, 2008


I've let my porcelain tile floors and grout get icky...hand scrubbing and using Mr. Clean magic erasers isn't helping...how can I get the tile and grout clean to start over? Thanks for the help!

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You don't really want to hear this....but hands and knees and Comet and a tooth brush workde for me.
Ewww! What a job!
Linda c

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I would use (and have used) a Stone Tech product called "Restore."

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone Tech Restore

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The tile should come clean with something like Spic & Span or any good heavy duty home cleaner - porcelain tiles are pretty indestructable.

As for the grout, I keep hearing about this product - Finazzle. I've never tried it but people seem to be impressed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finazzle

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I used Finazzle on my grout to clean it up when we put our last house o the market. It did do a great job, but if I remember right there were a lot of fumes and I didn't have a window in the bathroom.
Kathy G in MI

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Rent a Good steam cleaner.

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I agree with steam cleaning.

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I agree a steam mop for the floor...I own one and its all I use now (before it was vinegar and water) For the grout I use yet another steamer. It's a canister style...I use it with the small circular brush and go over all grout lines. I'll have a towel on the floor for wiping up as I go along. I scoot it with my foot.

I too have used a toothbrush or or small scrub brush (lasts longer) with grout cleaner. Comet Gel cleaner with Bleach works good too. You must rinse either product.

Get your tile good and clean before tackling the grout

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I bought my house in May 08 and had some ground-in ickiness in tiles/grout floors from previous owners. Knowing NOTHING about the subject, I used the Clorox Bleach Pen on some grout lines, let it set a while & cleaned it up (lots of rinsing!). It turned out BEAUTIFUL!

Now, you don't want to use this as the standard way to keep them clean. Harsh chemicals WILL destroy your grout sooner than later. However, (for me) this was a really good way to just get the worst taken care of the first time, and then it's up to me to be careful to take care of the floors better than previous owners did.

Also, I used the bleach pen because I had one around & hardly ever used it for anything else...and they're not cheap. 1 bleach pen went around maybe 15 tiles and that's it (but that was about the right size of the area I wanted to focus on). If I ever had to do this again, I would look into comet or oxyclean and old-fashioned scrubbing.

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I had some filthy grout and I used Krud Cutter (Home Depot) with a stiff tooth brush and it worked like a charm. It was bright white when it was over. Put in spray bottle (full strength) and let it sit for 5 minutes or so before you start scrubbing. Then rinse with clear water, let dry a couple of days and RESEAL your grout so it won't get dirty again! Wear some knee pads to! Take your time or you won't be able to walk the next day. lol

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