Any tips for washing windows inside when they don't open well?

harvwaldSeptember 19, 2011

We have very old windows that only open a little. The insides of the storm windows need cleaning badly. I could hire someone to remove and clean them, but we have a LOT of windows on a small house, and it's very expensive. Was hoping to put it off another year. I'm looking for suggestions on how to clean the insides. Was thinking perhaps of trying wipes if I could use some kind of extension to move the wipe around with the window only open a few inches. But I'm wondering if that might smear them and make them worse. There are many creative minds on this forum. Sure could use your ideas!

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I know what you are going through. I have some old storm windows that cannot be removed, and I can't access the top sash for cleaning. I have found no way to clean them. I'm going to be removing them next spring.

If your problem is caused by interior windows that don't open well, there are ways to repair them. I have gotten a lot of good advice on the Old House forum. There is a tool called a window zipper that will help cut through layers of dried paint.

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Thanks, graywings. I probably need to have these repaired. 22 windows on a one-story bungalow. I don't look forward to that!

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