Master Bathroom Renovation

sagostoApril 9, 2014

I need some design ideas for my master bathroom renovation. Please refer to for pictures including the floor plan. I have received labor estimates between $12-$18K so I expect the entire cost to be ~$25,000. I have spent countless hours on houzz trying to get ideas but I can't make up my mind on what I want. Aside from not being a visual person, this is new territory for me as I not even sure where to source materials locally. I prefer buying online but I am not familiar with what I am buying so I am not comfortable unless I know what I am buying.

Here's what I am looking to do:

1) Replaced jetted tub with freestanding soaker tub and move under window; Width from wall-to-wall is 74". Does this mean I can accomodate any tub under 74"? All tubs appear to be the same sans the material? Do I care if it is acrlyic?

2) Tub moved from corner install to under window gains much needed real estate for a new expresso vanity (~100-110" width). I want a double undermount sink vanity with middle seating area w/ stool for wife's makeup station. I am surprised that I can't find this anywhere and will need to be custom built. Should this be made of pine? oak? Does it really matter? I am going to use Carrara marble throughout the bathroom but concerned about using it as the vanity top (wife will scratch/stain the hell out of it). Could I use another material even with all of the marble? Concerned wife will stain/scratch the hell out of it.

3) Floor/Wall Tile - 12X12 Carrara marble on the floor, 3X6 subway tile in the shower all the way to the ceiling, hex tile on the shower floor, tile on the walls from floor to the bottom of the window all the way around the bathroom; I like the look of a horizontal glass mosasic ( and then a crown molding. Any other ideas? Should I introduce 12X12 in the shower to tie into the floor? Should I also tile the shower's ceiling? Toilet alcove? 2 small walls to the left and right of the door? Should I use a different mosaic for the shower's niche? How do you determine tile sq. footage for floor and wall? Different tile sizes will require cutting (and waste). How is that determined?

4) Increase shower's length by ~12" into the toilet alcove and shower's width by ~9" by moving the door out to the edge of the door frame; new pivot frameless glass door; the wall from the shower door to the vanity will need to moved in to accomodate the new shower width. Large tile cut-out in the wall for shower supplies and a bench for the wife to shave, etc.

5) Add 3 mirrors above each sink and makeup area and 3 light fixtures above mirror; Would consider large mirror but not sure if that's reasonable

6) Replace medicine cabinet in side wall. I HATE it. Can 2 of the mirrors be used in stead? Is that possible as it is an exterior wall or will it sit flush against the wall?

7) There is an existing air vent but not an exhaust fan. I'd like to add exhaust fan and perhaps a nice chandelier but wife thinks it will be too busy.

I'd appreciate opinions and or suggestion

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1) Tubs generally come in two standard sizes: 60" and 66". Both will fit in your 74" space. Just double check the specs to make sure before ordering. The main consideration will be allowing space for the water pipes/faucet.

2) You're right that there won't be a mass produced vanity that will cleanly fit your exact space and have a lower, "sit down" area just where you want it. You'll need to go custom or semi custom.

Pine is a soft wood and has knots; it's a good look for a rustic bathroom. Oak has obvious graining which has caused it to fall out of favor over the last decade. Look at using maple as it's a small grained wood that takes a wide variety of stains well. Birch is another option and may be lower priced than maple. If you want to go very low end, there's laminate over mdf board, but if you're choosing high end materials like Carrera tile it would be a real mismatch for your bathroom.

You should definitely not use a porous stone like marble for the countertop if you are concerned about stains and scratches. Look into granite or quartz to coordinate with your tile choices.

5) Sounds really busy, but I'm no designer. You might search for photos of bathroom with mirrors and lights on and see what appeals most to you.

6) Mirrors can be situated along any wall, interior or exterior. It will sit flush is the wall is level.

7) I think every bathroom needs at least one exhaust fan to handle humidity and steam from the shower and bath. As far as the chandy, it might look wonderful or it might look too busy (especially if you go with all those mirrors and lights). Consider searching again for inspiration photos to guide you.

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We lazy gardenwebbers are more likely to respond to queries if you post photos and layouts in the body of your thread instead of having to copy/paste something into a new tab.

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" Look at using maple as it's a small grained wood that takes a wide variety of stains well. Birch is another option and may be lower priced than maple."

Not to be contrary but the woodworker I live with disagrees. Maple generally takes most stains horribly. It's usually consider paint grade like poplar. Birch is a bit better, but to get an espresso finish you might consider using (or asking for) an aniline dye and dark toner on whatever wood you use depending on how much grain you want to see. Pine is pretty soft for something that gets daily use unless you like "patina".

Just my opinion- Lisa

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