how high to hang lights over vanity

LybanApril 12, 2010

I have lots of room between the crown molding and the vanity mirror so I am not sure at what height to put the lights. The width of pedestal sink is 24 inches. Vanity mirror will be 20 inches wide by 28 inches high. How far up from the mirror frame do you think I should hang the lights.

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I think 6 feet from the floor is a standard. However, I think some people like sconces at face level but I don't - it bothers my eyes or something. I find that just above (my) head level is better, no problems with shadows or anything with the ones I chose.

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I have a two-sink vanity. My light fixture (that is the glass shade) will "end" two inches above my mirrors, but I'm wondering if I should drop my mirrors another two inches. My medicine cabinet mirror is 20"by 26" long, which is really not long enough but it's the best I could find to work with everything else.

So my three light fixture, which is 24" wide, is much higher than 72" off of the floor, it's more like 78" off the floor.

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