Cleaning the mold off the handheld shower hose

pinktoesSeptember 24, 2007

Trying to solve this problem for the new house, but for now I'm stuck with it. The hoses on my handheld showerheads are those stainless steel wrapped ones. Over vinyl hoses I think. I constantly have to fight black mold forming in between all the little circular grooves. The closer to the bottom bend of the hose as it sits in its holder on the wall, the worse the mold.

Every week I get out my toothbrush (well, not the one I use for my teeth--please don't get another freakin' hygiene thread started here!). I get out the cleaning toothbrush and scrub the mold. Sometimes I use my microfiber cloth and fingernails and trace the little spirals. In between, when the hose is dry, I spritz it with hydrogen peroxide.

Life is too short for this. Any tips?

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A little maintancnce might help... When we're finished in the shower we squeegee off the walls and dry the hand-held shower, hose and chrome fixtures with a dry microfiber towel. Keeping things dry should help you a lot. The ounce of prevention, pound of cure, kinda' thing.

I'd use a mild bleach/water solution (1 qt. water and 1-2 t. bleach) for cleaning mold - spritz it on the hose, or spritz it on a cloth and wipe down the hose to clean it. If you thoroughly dry the hose after each use, you should be able to prevent much of the problem to begin with.

It sounds like you must have a very humid environment... If you aren't using your ceiling vent fan during showers, that would help remove moisture; and if it's under-performing, you may want to think of replacing it with one that is capable of removing and venting the moisture.


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I have never had mold on mine and have stainless steel. And I don't clean anything after I shower. There is some other problem going on. That should not happen.

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Have you ever tried the after shower sprays, like Tilex or that Scrubbing Bubbles auto. shower cleaner? I don't have this problem either, so I've never personally used these, but couldn't hurt.

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I've had two hand-held shower sprays. The first had a constant problem with black gunk in and around the rings. Ugh! I tried everything,constantly. I finally gave up and ordered a new spray unit (you install it yourself -very easy), and noticed that the new one actually has a clear vinyl outside casing so that the water never touches the rings just the casing. You don't see it unless you look very closely, but you can imagine how much easier it is to keep clean. I've had it 2-3 years now and have *never* had a problem with it. So it may be worth just swapping it out...

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I would remove the hose by unscrewing it, then give it a good soaking in a bleach/water solution, clean it well, let it dry, and then reattach. In addition, place a small fan in the room plugged into a wall timer so that you can leave it running after you leave the bathroom.

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Thanks, All. We live in the humid southeast and everything gets mold here. Replaced the bath exhaust fan a couple of years ago with a more powerful one on a timer so it runs half hour after showers. Also have a HRV running on the whole house. The one thing we don't have is a whole-house dehumidifier. We're getting ready to build a new house and will add the dehumidifier to it.

bestyears: I think you've got my solution! Now I just have to find the tubing.

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I clean houses for a living and i use Tilex Mold & Mildew for any mold or mildew and i think it works great. I use at home as well on everything, even patio furniture. Caution! Ventalation is required.

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