Gah!! Am I supposed to get the Bluestar or Thermador 36' Range?!

babs711April 27, 2012

I've officially pushed appliances to the last minute. I went to place my appliance order for our build today thinking I was ordering the gas Thermador Pro Harmony. The gas Bluestar was only available from one local kitchen place that became a pain to deal with so I had moved on and was happy with my choice and with the fact that I was saving some money on our appliance budget because of the slightly less cost and the free dishwasher or minimal $ upgrade to the top of the line Thermador (Bosch).

So what happens when I walk in to order my appliances today? There's a big Bluestar booklet right next to me laying on their counter with all the other books from the lines they carry. He said they just started carrying the line a week ago. I almost ordered appliances two weeks ago but didn't because other things came up.

Then I started wondering if it was fate or something silly like that. So my first option is now to go with the Thermador and pay $600 to upgrade to their top of the line Sapphire dishwasher (which are rebadged Bosches with really nice gliding racks) or $400 for the Sapphire right below it. This brings my totall appliances to $15802. The other option is to do the Bluestar and go with the Bosch 800 Plus (SHX7ER5UC). The top of the line Bosch would put me way way over budget. This option puts me at $16901 for my total appliances.

So I must make this decision at this very point. I'm now down to the wire. Is the BS worth the extra $1100? We were seriously trying to stay around $12000 for appliances but with everything we put in, it was impossible.

Other items:

Fridge: KA Kitchenaid CD with pro handles KFCP22EXMP

Micro: Sharp 24" drawer in island

Ref Drawers in island: Electrolux EI24RD65KS

Ice maker in bar: Electrolux EI15IM55GS with pump

I want even heating on the burners and a good simmer. I want my baking results to be consistent.

So what do you think?

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i have the pro grand and love it..also have the same KA fridge, and am happy w/ that choice.

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I would get the Bluestar and maybe a mid-range Bosch to save some cash.

I think the BS is worth the $1100 upcharge if you get that package.

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Deeageaux, can I ask why you feel it's worth the extra money? I need to know all the ins and outs of people's opinions. You're from Louisiana too right? I notice your name spelling. That's where I am!

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Go Bluestar. Save money elsewhere. There are several advantages over the Thermador in my opinion ( and it sounds like you think this too ). I had never cooked on a high BTU range until the last two years when our house had a Garland commercial range ( in violation of housing code ). Cooking with this monster changed me and I'll never go back. We are waiting for our BS 36" RNB at our new home.

Skip something like the icemaker and get the better range. For BiV parties where you need a ton of ice buy bags of ice. How many times a year would you really use the icemaker? Thats my opinion.

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My vote also for the Bluestar (ours is ~6 years old). I'd save money by dropping the icemaker. Lots of energy use, lots of water use (continually making ice and pumping melted ice down the drain).

You can buy a lot of bags of ice (750+) before making up the investment in just the icemaker alone, not counting the operating cost.

If you have to have it, I have no idea about the Electrolux. My office (80+ folks) has 2 Scotsman ones; we've had good luck with them and bad luck with a Uline.

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Bluestar: mine is 4 yrs old so you have at least two fairly long term bs owners here, most certainly past the honeymoon period recommending the product. For a sealed burner range I think the new thermadors look pretty decent but if performance is what you are after the buestar is going to give you way better high heat performance and simmer capability that is probably comparable to thermadors extra low simmer without the annoying clicking. Thermador will give you more brand recognition if that's important.

As others say, save in other areas like a mid range bosch dw and or no ice maker.

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