Which Toto toilets take unifit adapter for 14" rough in?

eks6426April 21, 2013

I'm renovating my bathroom in my 1940s house. My toilet rough in is at 14" which makes most toilets be far away from the wall plus stick out into the room. Moving the flange back is not an option according to multiple plumbers.

So, I've heard that Toto has a unifit adapter that will work in 14" rough in so that toilet sits closer to the wall. But I can't figure out WHICH Toto models work with this adapter. I'd love one of the skirted options like Aquia II.

Does anyone know which Totos work with the adapter?


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ask google
Or ask a few more decoration company

Here is a link that might be useful: wipes

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I purchased 2 of the Toto Carlyle II toilets, but not yet installed. On their spec sheet, it allows for the 10, 12 and 14" rough ins. The Carlyle is also skirted, but doesn't have the dual flush. I had found good reviews on the toilet, but many have warned that the Carlyle requires 7" from the water supply. Hope this helps.

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Go to this page and scroll down:

and there is a list that mentions some of the toto toilets that take the unifit.

And go to this forum and scroll through the topics there are more than a few threads on this topic.


good luck.
I have a 16" rough in and am looking for a skirted toto that takes the unifit.


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Vespin II (essentially the same as the Drake II but skirted) can take a Unifit for a 14" rough-in. To see if a Toto model accepts a Unifit, go to www.totousa.com and click on Products --> Toilets --> (model you're interested in) --> Downloads & Resources --> Installation Manual --> (list of model numbers). The PDF file with installation instructions will show if a different-rough-in Unifit can be installed on that model.

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Yup. I have 2 of the vespinII skirted. They are unifit adaptable.

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